Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Things to Do While Cruisin' on Royal Carribean Voyager of the Sea

Whew! I just had one of the most amazing 4-day vacations ever with my family on the Royal Carribean cruise: Voyager of the Sea. We sailed on its maiden voyage in Asia (route: Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore), quite similar to Titanic’s maiden voyage 100 years ago. And so, on my way inside the boat, I had to check for the number of lifeboats, their strength and capacity. What a sigh of relief to see huge, well-covered life-boats. And in Asia, I don’t think we’d die of hypothermia. So on I went.

For those who haven’t been on a cruise ship, let me share with you a little bit of info to shape up your expectations.

Royal Carribean’s Voyager of the Sea is not much different from what you’ve seen in the movie Titanic. Inside are hallways leading to stateroom cabins, cabins with balconies and suites.

People can walk on pathways, like balconies at the port (left) and starboard (right) sides of the ship, to gaze in the deep waters and check if there is any iceberg right ahead.

They also have fine-dining halls, similar to the one where Rose and the other first-class passengers went to and the less intimidating dining hall (set-up usually on the top floor).

Now, passengers of various classes, races, gender and religion are all welcome to eat together in the different halls of this floating melting pot.

I love the interiors of the ship! The main hallway is located on the 5th floor. Walking there reminds me of a street in an old English town.

There are a lot of other awesome spots.  There is a golf course and a golf bar on board, a roller skating corner, and swimming pools that have seemed to come from Ancient Rome. Royal Carribean’s theatre is not too far from the actual broadway theatres too. There’s even a room called Cleopatra’s Needle, where we had an art auction and some games, that looks very much like an Egyptian home. The Voyager of the Sea is really one small world in itself.

Here are Top Ten things to do in Royal Carribean: Voyager of the Sea:

10. Visit the Library
I was happy that my room was on the 8th floor where the nearest landmark is the library. Some people come to use the internet, but internet in the ship is VERY expensive. The books are not that plenty, but they have some nice books. If you’re into stories there are Joyce Carol Oates, J. Evanovich, Daniel Steele and Neil Gaiman books. There is a few business books. Surprisingly, there are also some Archie comic books.

The ship’s library is situated on two floors (7th & 8th)! It has comfy sofas scattered all around and coffee tables too. I love sitting here and facing this view of the ship.

9. Enjoy the live performances in La Scala Theatre.  (Now Showing: Music in Pictures)

This live musical is a run-through of songs from some of the most popular movies as early as in the 1940’s to as recent as, umm… Madagascar. Distinct stage set-up has been made for each movie which really does add quality to the whole cruising experience. Watching a good evening’s performance while seated on the cushioned purple La Scala Theatre is certainly very worthwhile.

Opening Number: Le Jazz Hot

Solo Performance: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

 Closing Number: Jai Ho

8. Wear formal attire on Captain’s Night.

Be sure to bring a formal wear for the Captain’s Night. There will be photo stations set-up at various points of the ship. The food will be really exquisite too.

7. Drop by their spa and health seminars.

Try out the Voyager of the Sea’s big round warm bubbling Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, extensive gym facilities all for FREE!

And, make sure to watch out for their seminars and classes. I attended their “How to Flatten Your Stomach” seminar, and it’s really, really, REALLY worth it. I even saw the guy coach from Pinoy’s Biggest Loser listening to the British speaker as well. The gist of the lesson: Our body is made for natural things (i.e. water, plants and animals), but what we place in and on our bodies are unnatural things that add acidity to our body and soon would be turned into toxins. Because of these, our memory is deteriorating, our brain processes slower, our energy is lower, our toilet habit is less and we gain weight. The number one item that makes us acidic according to the speaker is, guess what, STRESS.

6. Watch their special ice-skating performance titled "Ice Odyssey."

I absolutely love the magical, mystical, colourful and glittering Ice Odyssey show! The show features ten of the world’s greatest ice skaters gliding, tumbling, and spinning their way through one musical hour. There’s a jester who happily surprises the audiences with his sudden jumps. There’s the lovers who glides so passionately together. There’s also the jester and the enthralling queen. The seats are limited, so be sure to check which of the four shows cater to your side of the ship.


5. Watch a 3D Movie!

Guess what?! This ship even has a 3D movie theatre. My aunt and cousins got to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 and had a good laugh the whole night.

4. Rock Climbing

Located on the top floor, at the edge of the ship, you can climb up this manmade mountain built on top of the ship! Test your strength and ring the bell at the peak of the Voyager of the Sea mountain. For one who had never tried rock-climbing, I thought it was the perfect place to do it. The crew was there to willingly and happily assist me. It’s easier than it looks. I thought I could only reach like only one rock above my head, but woohoo, I got to reach up until the middle portion. Wear shorts or pants and socks. This is FREE.

3. Ice Skating

Who would have thought that this 138,000 ton ship has an actual ice-skating rink inside? Although it’s only a quarter of the normal size, it’s a great arena for inexperienced guests. (There’d be less chances that someone you know would see you fall.) I suggest you drop by the rink on deck 3 on the first day. You might not have a chance on the following days as it would be used for the “Ice Odyssey” shows. Wear pants. Don’t forget to bring your socks! This is FREE too!

2. 24-Hour Food!


You will never go hungry inside the Voyager of the Seas. (I think I’m sounding like an online promoter, but I really am not. I’m just a happy costumer.) You can have all the pizzas, cookies, juices, sandwiches you want in the snack bar on deck 5. Of course, this is apart from the eat-all-you-can breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner buffets on other levels. I love their sugar-free peanut butter cookie.

1. If you're as much of a Titanic fan as me, then by all means, try the "I’m Flying, Jack!" experience.

Last but not least, my ultimate “Titanic” experience was at the bow of the ship. My uncle knew how much I loved Titanic and so, he told me to close my eyes as he led me to the bow. As I closed my eyes and walked forward, the winds started to grow stronger. And when I opened them, viola, I indeed felt like I was flying! There was nothing below me except water. No other ship, I think, allows its passengers to go as far front as the Voyager of the Sea.