Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Carabao Fund

Ga (Jumarlyn Cadano) is a very sweet and gentle young lady who came from Dumaguete, “The City of Gentle People.” I remember when we were walking back home from a nearby mall, I was telling her about how I’d rather walk than ride in a car. She told me she felt the same way. She always has car sickness. Then, she told me about her bus ride from Bayawan (Negros Oriental) to Bacolod. She was with her sister and another companion in the bus. Her sister was seated a few rows behind Ga and her friend from the province. 

Ga and her friend decided to make a quick run to the nearest drug store and buy some biyahilo medicine. When they got back, the bus had already left them towing with it their money and luggage. 

With only loose change in their pockets, they decided to wait for the next bus to Bacolod. They did not eat nor drink the rest of the day. They entered the next bus without any money to pay the conductor, but they decided to still enter. They had nothing to risk anyway. When they reached the destination, the conductor asked for their money. And they told him the story. The conductor allowed them to leave and even gave them Php 20 for some food. They decided to buy water with the Php 10 pesos and a scrambled egg with the other Php 10. 

As Ga divided the egg between her and her companion, a couple of street children came near them and asked for some alms. Ga decided to share a portion of the egg with the little children before she had taken a bite of it. 

Two days ago, Ga received a call from her parents in Dumaguete that her older sister had a strange fever and couldn’t sleep all night. She was cold and coughing and her skin were sore. The parents brought her Ate to a public hospital, yet they said they didn’t have the facilities to treat her. They had no choice but to admit her in a private hospital. 

The Ate stayed there for two days. The dad had to sell their one and only carabao for Php 20,000. Their carabao was a very big help to his dad, whose sole occupation is farming. 

Her sister passed away just this morning. According to Ga, it was kidney failure. I hope that we can raise funds for their family. We cannot bring her sister back, but perhaps, we can help their family in the long-term. We can help them buy another carabao, a younger and healthier carabao, to help them plow the fields. 

If only a number of us is willing, we can offer a few hundreds, or a thousand peso to help their family. 

Please pray about it. If God has given you the burden to help the Cadano family financially, please go to any LBC branch and send your money to Ga’s father:


You may also hand it to me if we see each other, and I’ll pass it to Ga.  Let's help them because (1) we can, (2) it's God-glorifying.  Thanks and God Bless!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Eve Worship Celebration 2012: Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus ~ A Promise Kept

Jubilee Evangelical Church’s Christmas Eve Worship Celebration has always been a big—well-planned, and beautifully, yet tediously, executed—production.  Last year, we had production sets bringing us back to an old castle of long ago.  We featured the Christmas story through the life of John the Baptist. 

This year, it’s going to be different.  This year we’re going to make it simple.  We are going to show the Christmas story as blunt as it can get.  And this year, we won’t be focusing on the New Testament, the time when Jesus was born on earth.

This Christmas Eve, allow us to bring you to the past -- to the moment of creation, and show you glimpses of Christmas truth from there.  We will be sharing with you series of (surprising & intriguing) stories through the eyes of known, and not so well-known, characters in world history.  

Hear the voices of Eve echoing her pain of the great fall, and of Abraham & Sara sharing their laughter with us.  Hear from Leah, King David, and many other characters from the Old Testament. Each of them has a deep longing, just as you and I may possibly have.  Each of them longs for a promise to be fulfilled.  Each of them has a Christmas Story to tell.

Come join us as we celebrate Christmas in Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus: A Promise Kept!

See you on December 24, 2012, 5:00PM.  Invite your family and friends.