Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Food Cravings

Ever since I could remember, whenever I have a food craving, it is quite specific.  A few days ago, in the midst of all the Christmas gatherings and table spreads of so much good food, I was craving for a simple home-made macaroni salad. It was a random thought that popped in my head that I didn't bother telling anyone.  Neither did I look for any commercially available macaroni salads, because what I craved for was something home-made, those with the cheese bits.  Then yesterday, a colleague / friend dropped by our home to give me some finished paperworks.  And guess what, out-of-the-blue and for the first time ever, she brought with her a big tub of home-made creamy macaroni salad. 🍽

Last night, while I was walking in a department store, I passed by the snacks and chocolates section.  I was thinking how come I do not like chocolates as much as before.  (Hmm.. Is it because I'm getting older?) Then, in one counter I saw Nestle Crunch.  I then realized I wanted Nestle Crunch over all the other more premium chocolate brands available already at home.  And because we still have a lot of chocolates, I decided not to buy.  Then tonight, when David came home, he brought with him Nestle Crunch.  Just the right size to satisfy a random craving.  It was a gift from his officemate. 🍫

Apart from these two foods, I do not recall having any other cravings in the past week.

I am reminded today that:
(1) God knows what we want, even those we neglect to mention in our prayers.  He knows a great deal about us, from the minute random thoughts that run through our minds to the monstrous problems raging in our hearts.  He is working something out.

(2) God likes to give gifts to His children.  Sometimes because of "unanswered prayers" and unchanging circumstances, plus my impatience, I tend to forget that God, our Heavenly Father, loves to bring us joy.

(3) God's fingerprints are all over.

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