Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vikings: A Luxurious Feast

We held a despedida dinner for my dear cousin and co-chained trio* member, Saunder last night in a new place called Vikings. I thought it would just be another American steak place which I am not very fond of. (Beef is not my favorite meat). But when I entered, I saw platters and platters of food laid all around the place. Then I told my mom, “We need to go to the gym tomorrow.”

Vikings is the newest eat-all-you-can buffet hub in the Manila area. Believe it or not, Vikings is only six days old at this very day. Vikings stands beside the events place Oceana and overlooks the serene Manila Bay.

For a price of Php 888.00, my eyes and taste buds were stuffed to the brim with the delightful and delectable feast in Vikings! I spent the first fifteen minutes walking about, filling my eyes with the yellow egg salads, purple beetroots and green leaves on the salad bar, the tempting cakes, mousse on mini red cups, frozen yoghurt and ice cream on the dessert corner, and rows and rows of real food.

Let me take you to a little tour. At the leftmost side of Vikings, you'd see sticks of squid balls, fish balls, dirty tofu fried in sate sauce.

When you turn right, you'd see a row of Japanese food. You can also spot raw tuna and salmon, slices of octopus, fresh oysters and extremely colorful set of sushi. Vikings also serve miso soup in teapots. How adorable!

When you turn left, you'd reach the Chinese section. You can taste dishes like spareribs, polunchai and even some pika-pika dimsum foods. Moreover, if you prefer hot Chinese soup, go and order a bowl of hotpot. Vikings allow you to cook it right on your table.

If you are a meat lover or a healthy eater, there are loads of dishes to fit your distinct appetite.

My first course. Green salads topped with corn and olives. I heart black olives!

My very asian meal! The tuna (behind that giant chili crab) melted in my mouth! Behind the tuna is a scallop dumpling with the skin of ha-kaw. On the plate are also the tamago, kani sushi, and a slice of futo maki.

My third plate was very mediterranean. The two white scoops you see at the bottom of the plate are French Boursin with grated fruit peels on top. Imagine cream cheese with specs of bittersweet spinach. (Yum!) Around them are mashed potatoes with truffle oil, beetroots, Egyptian hummus on pita bread, and cured ham embracing a carrot stick with a thin slice of cheddar cheese underneath. I got these from a table between the salad bar and the Filipino food. They were right beside the kids' section. (Yes, Vikings even have a kids' section that features mac n' cheese, mini burgers, fries and the like, probably they were right when they said "even adults enjoy it here too.")

They also have an Italian spot where you can choose your sauces and toppings for your pizza and pasta.

Time to drink up! I was very surprised when I discovered the numerous drink options inside Vikings. Vikings have bottomless soda fountain, an array of fruit juices and iced tea, a pale pilsen reservoir, brewed coffee and fresh fruit shakes! I opted for a glass of Mango juice and water. The only complaint that I have are the fingerprints and stains of unwashed coffee on some cups. But all is well. There is a couple of faucets strategically located at the middle of the buffet tables for the OC.

Next comes my favorite part of the meal, the dessert! Vikings have cakes in mini squares, creamy desserts on cute little cups and conveniently sliced fruits such as kiwi, melon and orange on a platter. My sweet tooth would like to recommend the chocolate peanut butter cake. It's sweet, but not sweet enough to give you a tooth ache. *wink*

In order to cool down your taste buds and calm your heart rate after a festive meal, end it with a scoop or two of ice cream.
This is the end of your little tour. Hope you had a mouth-watering time! :)

*Chained Trio is an informal group my cousins Saunder, Elaine and I created more than ten years ago. We'll miss you Saundy! God bless you!

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