Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Confused Quarter-Lifer : If only polls were available on Blogspot..:)

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Jack who has all the trades yet master of none.  You see, I'm currently enrolled in my thesis program (first of three terms) and still, I can't even decide which route to take.  Sadly, two years of soul searching hasn't given me the answer -- the much awaited eureka moment hasn't arrived.  All I'd been given were more discoveries, more opportunities, more choices and more forks in the road.  After two years, life seems to be more complicated than ever.

Okay, let me share with you my options.  I'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts, counsel, etc. on these.

1. Artsy Fartsy : Homemade Journals
I just love papers.  I'm obsessed with them.  I love writing on, drawing on, and even sewing papers together.  There's some kind of freedom I feel when working with papers.  People have told me that there's no market for it.  I'm not really sure, because some friends who'd seen the actual thing found it nice (unless they're just being courteous to me which could also be possible.)  And there are kids who love to write and draw.  Artists who love to draw.  Thinkers, writers, and plain journallers who love to write.  Yuppies who love to plan.  Mommies who need to write their shopping lists.  Daddies who want to plan for a family outing.  I am hoping to make this social entrep. -- helping out of school youth or housewives -- but I still don't know who could be the target beneficiaries... who are willing and able to do these kinds of things.  Any suggestions?  Is it possible to mix social entrep. with direct selling?

2.  Technology related : Mobile Game Apps
This is fairly new.  I'm not really that techie.  I don't know if there's a market (whether corporate or mass) that's willing to sponsor or pay for these things.  I'm just there to think of concepts and my partners will program and design them.  The thing is I'd be a little bit guilty if kids would get even more addicted to games than they are now.

3.  Out of School Youth in the South : Bagoong
My prof is suggesting that I start with one actual product that already has a market and that sells.  She's suggesting that I can use my creativity in marketing a poor man's meal and making it high end.  Sony, according to her, was started by Mr. Ibuka who really loved music.  But he didn't start making the walkman or the laser disc player until much later, he started with rice cooker.. that's where the market was.  Is there a way to make a Martha Stewart business model?

4.  Writing..
And drawing are my first two loves.  I don't know how they will fit in my thesis though. Since they're more of a passion and a profession, and not really a real business.

So there.  I still have some other options in mind.. this is just about two-third of what's on my plate.
For now, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to post your comments below. :)


  1. Hi Joyce Dear,
    How about list out Pros& Cons? that always works for me while having hard time to decide haha~~
    and after all, it's just like relationship, choose ur love and then love ur chose..good luck dear and we all support u:)

  2. Who says there isn't a market for handmade has not ventured out of Pinas :P Dig into Etsy and you'll find people selling handmade notebooks made out of cereal boxes and what-nots.

    The more important question is, how willing are you to give in your time to push your products? There will definitely be competition so you will have to invest blood and sweat to make this a full time job. But you never know, malay mo madiscover ka ng shopper ng Barnes & Noble... I absolutely adore their line of journals <3

  3. Hi Momo dear! That's a great idea! I should write them all down instead of letting them get stuck in my head. hehe. Thank you very much! :)

  4. Hi She! Thank you for your thoughts! Will definitely think about that. If only I were as artsy as you. hihi! :)

  5. If you really love writing and drawing. You can make it as a business! Write a children's book or accompany your blog posts with scanned doodles, that would make your blog unique and more marketable! There are tons more of ideas of what you can do with both. :-p

  6. Good idea, Dalvin! Thank you for sharing!! Will have to try that sometime! :)