Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Classic 1,948 Years Old Fashion

For the past two days, I've been reading a letter over and over again. Although it was not originally meant for me, I got to devour it and was really blessed by it. The letter is approximately 1,948 years old. Don't ask me how the letter managed to stand through time and fly to my hands, I don't know. It is most likely God's will for me to have it. And it is also God's will for you to know about it. Let me share a few bits of this historical piece with you.

This letter was written by Paul - an apostle (disciple, student, mentee) of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself - for the saints (believers, church) in Ephesus. (Go to biblegateway.com and look for Ephesians.) What struck me was the ever popular "Armor of God" in Ephesians 6. Even though, I've heard and read about it before (so many times for the past six years), I got to appreciate this protective clothing even more.

The top part of the armor is the helmet of salvation. A helmet is a protective covering for the head. I realized that salvation has to be the "helmet" because we have to be reminded each and every day that we were once dead to sin. And it is only through Jesus Christ that we now have life. This means that the purpose, the mission, vision, tactics, strategies decided upon by our brains must be centered on the life that we now have with Christ. Are you more concerned with your work? with your love life? with your school work? with your church ministries... than having a relationship with God? Are you more anti-gay, anti-intermarriage, anti this and anti that... than having a relationship with God? It's possible to be a Christian by name and works, and still have no idea who we are serving. This is the helmet of salvation. Wear it everyday.

We are also given the shield of faith. This is not the ordinary shield we see in the movies by the way. It's not the one that we hold with one hand. It is an invisible shield that surrounds all the four sides of our body. This reminds me that it's not what we can do or how we can cover ourselves (through good works) that would lead us to victory. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved, faith that comes from God.

Then there's the sword of the Spirit which is His Word. This reiterates that we are to memorize Bible verses! It's not enough that we take 5 minutes off our precious time to read the Bible. No! We have to memorize the verses. You know why? So we may counter Satan when He attacks. For example, you are driving and suddenly you get hit by an extremely rude bus. And the driver keeps on insisting that it's your fault (even if all the evidences are saying otherwise). I don't think you'd be reading your Bible before talking to him right? You probably feel like punching him already. This is when the verses come into play. The Holy Spirit would remind you of verses that you've memorized in the past. This would allow you to fight against Satan's tempting whispers ("Kill this stupid driver, go on it's okay, you have the right to be angry." with God's Word ("Be angry, but do not sin.."), keeping yourself safe from Satan's foothold.

These are just the three (out of six) parts of the armor. The others are the belt of Truth, breastplate of righteousness and feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. Now, why do you think they're important? Take the challenge and share your thoughts. :)

Do wear the Armor of God everyday. It will never run out of style.

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