Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Colorful Plates of Sakae Sushi

It was one of those Saturday night exercises when my family would walk for a km or two along the sunset blvd outside SM Mall of Asia. Unlike other forms of exercising, brushing off unwanted calories this way is a breeze. In every step, we get to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the boundless ocean and in every breathe, we are able to inhale the gentle cool breeze blowing in our faces. There are also some live bands at the oceanside playing fun upbeat songs that add an oomph to our exercise. I guess walking there is a favorite exercise of mine.

There is just one problem. After an hour of walking, we would then decide on a place to eat. And usually we eat more than what we burn. Just last night, my family decided to try this newly opened Japanese eat-all-you-can restaurant at the 2nd floor of Mall of Asia (near Kultura and Delifrance).

Sakae Sushi is a modern Japanese sushi place infused with the family-oriented Filipino culture. It has a conveyor belt carrying colorful plates of maki, sushi and other beautifully carved mouth-sized pieces for families and barkadas who come in groups. This originated from the classic Japanese sushi train concept that transports fresh sushi appetizers for motorists (who usually come alone) to pick their selections from a steady stream.

The final bill can be based on the color of plates. Or you can simply avail the "All day Sushi Buffet!" Their choices are not that pricey. The prices for individual plates range from Php 39 to 99. Most of their offerings are set on the yellow (Php 59) and green (Php 79) plates.

If you opt for the buffet, feel free to get as plenty of plates as your taste buds desire. However, most of them have heaping spoonfuls of rice that is quite heavy, so remember to have mercy on your tummy. Take a look at the eye-popping, mouth-watering array of colors, sizes, tastes and ingredients. Isn't this a culinary work of art? Munch. munch. munch.

Who would have thought that we'd have our own version of Tower of Babel. Gee. Where did all the sushi go?

Until our next Saturday night exercises again. Probably we should be doing five hours of walking by then.

There you go guys, Sakae Sushi. Try it and let me know what you think.

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