Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Princess Meets an Heiress: Meet and Greet Paris Hilton in Manila

Well, guess how I had my adventure today? It started off as an ordinary day in the mall with my mom. We were supposed to buy polvoron for my brother living overseas. But then we got distracted by all things hot pink and white...and a screen that says "Meet and Greet Paris Hilton!"

Although it may seem unplanned, we strategically plotted the polvoron-buying day today because of the news that Paris Hilton was coming to meet and greet her Filipino fans. "Not that I'm a big fan," my mommy added defensively. And then we asked the SM Megamall guy how to get the meet and greet pass. He told me to go one floor up and buy a bag from the Paris Hilton boutique. My mom and I did as advised.

I was simply looking around, tinkering the bags, analyzing how they were made, checking their quality.. doing something like a scientific study, whereas my mom, she was already holding up bags on her shoulders, looking in the mirror, marveling at the designs and then buying a big black handbag (even after telling her "we do not really need a bag. We can just see her from upstairs.") But the bag was really pretty. It has a semblance of LV.

And then, we were given this free pass. I insisted that my mom should take it. But she was overly gracious to give it to me. (Thank you mom!)

I had to undergo a 20 minute challenge of pushing my way through the crowd just to enter the Paris Hilton Meet and Green venue. It reminded me of those ol' boyband days. Anyway, I was blessed to be one of the few to have an autograph from an heiress to the Hilton Empire.

The first to have an autograph signed was Isha Dinio, Paris Hilton's number one fan in the Philippines. Imagine, she has been a fan for 11 years? I'm sure nobody can ever take beat that and steal the title away from her. I got to talk to Isha and her mom myself. Interviewed her a little bit. Little-miss-inquisitive me couldn't resist to ask what were the gifts Paris Hilton had given her.

Isha told me Paris had given her three PH bags. One was a purple bag she had her eye on ever since the opening of the store. Her dad told her to wait for Paris to arrive before buying anything. Who would have known that Isha's father held great wisdom? True enough, Paris gave her that bag.. plus two more bags filled with PH perfumes, cellphone glittering cases and other Paris Hilton memorabilia. Again, little-miss-inquisitive me couldn't resist.. I asked her to show me the contents of the bags. Well, this is for your viewing pleasure too.

Let me share with you a funny moment when my turn came. So I borrowed a silver marker (Thanks to my new friend Shame!) brought with me the black back and went up the stage. I held out the lining of the bag for Paris Hilton to sign. She took the silver marker from my hand and wrote:

"To Michelle, Paris Hilton."

I was a little bit too giddy (or maybe suffering from stage fright) that I forgot to get the silver marker back. I told the guard at the side of the stage to get it for me. He told Tim Yap who was hosting the event. Tim Yap told the guard to get it from PH's table himself and then Tim Yap turned to me and said with a smile, "Ikaw ha.. pinapakuha mo pa 'yung marker mo sa akin." David told me I should've said, "You can tell Paris Hilton to give it to me." Haha.

There. More pictures of Paris Hilton. Isn't she a beauty?

After all the hustle and bustle of lining up, I got to talk to some people from the media. They asked questions like "How do you find the bags?" "Do you think Filipinas would be able to afford them?" "How are they different from other brands?" I answered them excitedly. But what I found most difficult to answer was, "How long have you been a fan of Paris Hilton?"

"Umm... since I heard her songs?"

"Is this a dream came true for you?"

"Kind of?" Well, it is a joy to get close to people from different walks of life, isn't it?

Some people may be blond, some may be brunette, some may be tall, and some may be thin. Some may come from the West, some may come from the East. But as Maya Angelou states, "we are more alike than we are unalike." Paris may be a socialite, an heiress, an owner of a multimillion dollar enterprise, but when the spot light closes, when the make-up is all wiped away, she is more like you and me. Growling stomach when hungry. Hoping for a time of rest. Hungering for love and acceptance. Trying to fulfill a meaningful purpose. In need of a Savior. She is no different from you and me.

Now, I'm officially logging off. This is yours truly, Mitzi Uy, reporting her adventure for the day.


  1. Ms. Hilton would probably say that's hot. I think it's a wonderful thought about a not so ordinary day.

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  3. I think the heiress would have asked for your autograph had she known you were a princess--a princess of the highest order!