Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Family Project

When Ondoy had recklessly hit Manila two years ago, I remember our first floor was turned into a swimming pool. The tall vase in our sala floated on a thick brown colored muddy waters. The cars at the garage were all drenched and dirty. My parents were away for a couple of days and I was the only family member at home.

On that rainy 26th day of September, almost all of my aunties and uncles called my cellphone one after the other. Since they couldn't pick me up from the house due to the flooded streets, they resorted to calling me up on the phone every 10 minutes. One auntie told me to turn off the electrical switches at home. Another auntie told me to call them up for updates. An uncle asked if I could still take out the batteries from the car. And many other calls were made that kept me busy all day and night.

The next morning, my phone got drained which meant I couldn't be reached in any way. I walked to an aunt's place and she welcomed me like her own child. We had lunch together. After lunch, we passed by the house. I was surprised to see other aunties and uncles already at home sweeping the floors, fixing the electric circuits and drying out the cars. More relatives came later that day; they helped wash the kitchenware that floated in mud. All of them did different tasks with a smile, like they were working together for a big project.

Two years later, our maid suddenly got sick when my parents were not around. I was afraid that it was going to be another dengue case. I never thought that what had happened to Joy could cause me a bit of trauma. Even after much prayers, my heart still palpitated, my breaths were short and shallow and my sleep was tiring. Again, my relatives surrounded me during this time of, should I say, trial. One brought our kasambahay to check-up. Another aunt even brought some tawa-tawa leaves from Malolos, Bulacan to our place. Many others offered rides if I needed them.

I am simply overwhelmed with the love and support from my big family. I praise God that they enjoy helping out when the opportunities arise. It is a joy to see families being there for each other through thick and thin.

Last week, one of my teen cousins needed help in creating a commercial for his school project. Who were there for him? Who had enjoyed being his actors? His family of course! Hihi. :)

This is the final product from an amateur director and amateur actors and actresses:
Fountain Dew commercial.

Praise God for blessing us with big families -- whether families in blood or in Christ! :)


  1. This is so lovely Joyce Dear!
    It reminds me the happy time in Manila...The love of family is indeed the greatest blessing., thank you so much for sharing this:)
    Miss u,

  2. Hello Momo! Glad you enjoyed it.. I'm happy that you are part of the family. Mwah! :)