Monday, March 12, 2012

Kamote Balls from Pinoy Big Brother

You may call me "bakya" or corny if you wish.  I do watch Pinoy Big Brother.  I know each contestant by name. I know the faces behind the voices.  Just in case you want to know, I'm rooting for Pamu.  (And I'm disappointed that Kevin had to leave that soon.)

So anyway, just a few days ago, when the housemates were living the hell week in a bukid (farm), one of the housemates who used to live in a farm named Bigel excitedly prepared a simple dish for the housemates as midnight snack.

The ingredients and the process were so simple that I decided to make some today.  I don't know what it's called in the province, but I'm calling it Kamote Balls... and Potato Balls since my dad is allergic to Kamote.

Ingredients I used:
~ 3 pcs. sweet potatp
~ 2 pcs. potato
~ canned corn kernels
~ 1 cup vegetable oil
~ Brown Sugar
~ Flour

First off, I boiled the sweet and ordinary potatoes in a pot filled with water.  After 20 or so minutes, I peeled each of them, and mashed them until they were silky smooth.

I rolled them into bitable pieces and added the corn kernels as fillings at the center and coated them with flour.  It's very important to keep the corn covered with potatoes and flour to keep them from spilling out when fried.

In the frying pan, place oil and a couple of generous spoonfuls of brown sugar.  The sugar burned  easily so I had to strain the oil and redo the task for the next batch.  I decided to just add a brown sugar coating on the Kamote Balls.  (Although I must admit, the first batch still tasted better.)

Here is the finished product!  It tasted like Kamote Q.  My dad liked it.

Oh yes, I remember learning one other thing from Pinoy Big Brother.  It's playing the hula hoop.

Who says Pinoy Big Brother is boring? :P

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