Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror: The Snow White Legend Comes Alive (2012)

There's one movie I had been looking forward to watch ever since I stumbled upon its huge standees at SM Mall of Asia a month ago.  It's a modern day fantasy remake of the classic Disney tale "Snow White" where Julia Robert stars as the wicked stepmother and Lily Collins, the beautiful 23 year-old daughter of Phil Collins, as Snow White.

And so David and I were able to spare an hour and 45 minutes today for Mirror Mirror. (Yey!) 
Just a quick review.   Although it still resembles the basic story line of our favorite Disney story, there is a lot of comedic twists and surprising turns in the plot that makes it truly interesting.  

Like any other fairy-tale, it starts with "Once upon a time.." But this time it is the evil queen speaking.  For me, it's a nice new take but a bit cliche if we look at its contemporaries: Tangled (with Flynn Ryder's point of view) or Wicked (not that it's made a movie).

The cast played their roles very well.  It's refreshing to see a beautiful new face to play the princess.  Julia Roberts did good, as usual, as the queen and her eerie pale reflection.  As for the dwarves, I was hoping for them to portray more adorable, funny characters.  I was expecting them to keep the fun upbeat "hi-ho, hi-ho" personalities.  But probably as professional bandits, they couldn't.  Each of the seven  still has apparently distinct personalities, but they're not named Bashful, Sleepy, etc.

As for the plot, I appreciated the new scenes added in Mirror Mirror, one example would be the potion Queen (Julia Roberts) had Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) drink.  I find it witty when she later learns that the potion that turns him into a barking prince who can't get enough of her is the "puppy love" potion.

It's quite obvious that the objective of the movie is to defy the classic tale, to be new and unexpected.  True enough it is.  The spell is casted on the prince.  The princess saves the prince.  At the end, the princess saves the day.  Somehow, being too unpredictable becomes predictable.

But despite that, it was still fun to see how the Snow White legend comes alive.

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