Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Ecclesiastes 2: This is what abundance without d'Light is like

When you have...

One bowl of apples - luscious reds, crunchy greens and rotten browns - for your "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" regimen, and the weather's making your sick.

Two leather designer bags and you still find yourself salivating over Kim Kardashian's black Hermes Berkin baby.

Three newly acquired cellphones including the purple blackberry your dad gave you on your birthday, and now you're eyeing at the ipod4 listed as #1 on your Christmas wish list.

Four dainty rooms kept neat and tidy, two guest rooms locked from dust and unnecessary footprints, one for your brother empty and lifeless, and the last is your very own modern Europe themed vibrant green room.

Five easy chairs sit invitingly at the porch for midday teatime, the usual conversations that arise between you and your companion include "good girl" and the "aw-aw" of Kardy, your chihuahua.

Six facebook (3) and friendster (3) accounts totaling to at least a thousand of friends, and you find yourself seating in front of your computer, in your green room, with no one to talk to, except for Kardy.

Seven green Starbucks planners, touched, opened and unfilled. You're too busy with the next item.

Eight long hours spent in front of your macbook taking glimpses of your 253 friends and feeding your horses and pigs in farmville. The 700+ friends and the chickens shall be accommodated tomorrow.

Nine sticks of ice-buko drops in the freezer with two mouth to fill. Sadly you're on a diet and Kardy is allergic to buko.

Ten jam-packed drawers underneath your L-shaped corner table, two you open everyday, three you browse through once a week, and five you hardly even know their contents.

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