Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Tug of War from A to Z

To say you're alright when your not : To say you're not alright to unready ears

To unload a burden and be accused of gossiping : To bear it and savor the heavy sinking feeling

To count blessings : To count problems

To deprive yourself of happiness : To be deemed Hellenistic

To encourage and praise a friend : To evaluate critically and intelligently

To forgive when recurrences are expected : To not forgive until lessons are learned

To play online games on Facebook : To catch up with a girl friend over the phone

To hide one's true self for piety's sake : To be honest and become a stumbling block

To initiate a change : To be invisible in the flow

To justify a cause : To just be silent and safe

To kill a mocking bird : To be king of a mocking herd

To live religiously : To live Christ-centeredly

To mind your own business : To meddle with their affairs

To be nice & forbearing : To be strict and nitpicky

To be open-minded to several interpretations : To be open only to your own convictions

To plan and prepare : To pray and wait

To pacify a qualm : To quietly walk away

To repeat a prayer day after day : To pray once and wait for God's response

To be satisfied with the bread of life : To be satisfied with peanut butter and jelly sandwich

To try and try again : To think and pray for wisdom

To understand and love a sinner : To bombard a sinner with unsolicited advice

To be viewed as "pakialamera" : To be very indifferent

To wait and see : To wander aimlessly

To take xanax when anxiety attacks : To let God do the x-ray and search your anxious heart

To yawn in disbelief : To yield to God

To long for Zion : To long for a zillion

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  1. Uniquely done and creative.
    Nicely done and wonderfully made.