Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Conversation Excerpt

Location: Car
Date: November 30, 2010
Time: 20:35

We were on our way home from dinner...

Mom: I will be using the window screen to…
(Old screen used for the window that has been replaced during the renovation.)

Dad: Why are you keeping it? You should be throwing it away. (my mom and I just love stashing things away for reusing or recycling purposes. My dad on the other hand is worried that we might turn our guestroom's bathroom to a complete bodega.)

Mom: We need to place it on the big rectangular hole outside our house. That’s where the cockroaches outside our gates are coming from.

Dad: How will you do it? The water might not be able to course through the hole as easily.

Mom: We will just put it on top of the hole. If you can see our neighbors’ holes, theirs are really small that's why you won't see much of those cockroaches crawling near their gates.

Dad: I see.

Mom: I was talking to our neighbor Kalet about it and she told me, “Ahhh.... Kaya pala sumisigaw si Mitzi pag umuuwi ng gabi!” (“Ahhh.... So that’s why Mitzi is shouting when she gets home in the evenings!”)

Me: O.o

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