Thursday, April 1, 2010

Su Zhou Dimsum

When a friend of mine saw this image in my digicam she suggested I blog about it. So here goes. :)

This is a Xiaolongbao, a type of Chinese dumpling that looks like a mini Siopao. Xiaolongbao is a soup dumpling that originated from Eastern China. The best Xiaolongbao I've tasted in the Philippines (so far) is located at Mabini St. Manila. If you happen to pass by the Malate area on your way to work or to some recreational activities, this small store might be a familar sight.

Su Zhou Dimsum offers the classic taste and ambience of a Chinese fastfood. Once you enter the store, you'd see a Chinese chef behind a clear glass tossing noodles and another chef rushly chopping meat and veggies, probably for their rice meals and other viands. On the sides of the store are mouth watering photos posted on the walls and with their respective prices.

My personal favorites include the following:
1. Cold Noodles
This is unlike any other. It's served cold, with a savory brown sauce and 'adobo' egg.

2. Shallot Spareribs Noodles
Served hot this time, the fried noodles are served with spareribs and kiamchai. It's the one at the bottom right of the photo below.

3. Xiaolongbao of course!
Someone once taught me that there's a right way to eat this specialty. First you need to place the dumpling on your soup spoon using your chopsticks. Be careful not to cause a tear on the skin. Second, take a small bite. Third, sip all the soup inside the bag. Fourth, dip it on their dumpling sauce. Then eat! :)

Chinese fastfoods are not known to be cozy, which means Su Zhou Dimsum is not the ideal venue for dates and bondings. But it's definitely a great choice, if your taste buds are craving for some authentic Chinese foods. If you live far from Manila there's another Suzhou along Retiro st. and at Greenhills Promenade. I still prefer the one in Manila, where it all started.

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