Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Healthily Family Ravioli

Yesterday my dear cousin Elaine came over for a short and sweet vacation at our place and she helped me make what I call 'Healthily Family Ravioli' for dinner. Ravioli is a type of pasta that has a filling sealed between two thin layers of pasta dough. It can pass as the Italian counterpart of Chinese dumplings. What we did was a Spinach Mushroom Ravioli.

Let me share with you eight simple steps:

STEP 1: Make the pasta dough.
Elaine helped me mix the ingredients: flour, eggs, olive oil and ice cold water to make an elastic dough. She kneaded, divided and flattened them to make a multiple number of dough sheets.

STEP 2: Cook the filling.
Since there are many "don'ts" on the family diet, I had to make a healthy version of the ravioli. First, I cooked the shallots and garlic in olive oil. Once translucent, I added the button mushrooms. Then after a few minutes of stirring, I put in the washed and drained spinach and basil leaves.

STEP 3: Mix the filling.
Place the cooked filling in the mixer, add an egg yolk and grated parmesan cheese (you may also use feta cheese, this type of cheese must be included in STEP 2) mix until every ingredient is finely chopped.

STEP 4: Time for layering!
Place a dough sheet on a flat clean surface, then add spoonfuls of filling on top of it. Brush the borders and spaces between the fillings with egg wash (egg yolks and a few tablespoons of milk). This acts as a glue that sticks the two dough sheets together. Finish it off by sealing the ravioli with the second layer of dough sheet.

STEP 5: Shape it.
You may slice and/or roll the ravioli to the shape of whatever your heart desires. What we did was a simple curvey square using a curvey lined cutter.

STEP 6: Boil.
We boiled them in two batches of 40 minutes each.

Stir-fry ravioli in brown butter. We didn't opt for this though. We are okay without the fat.

STEP 8: Serve.
Make tomato sauce (used in Spaghetti) and pour it on the ravioli. Sprinkle cheese and basil leaves on top. Serve with a smile. :)

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