Monday, March 15, 2010

Country Kitchen

As I was doing my operational plan for class, I stumbled upon this site: It has several info you need for and about the kitchen. It even has quizzes for viewers! I took What's My Style? test and the result indeed matches my style!

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What's My Style: Country

Natural is the name of the game when it comes to your kitchen.
Your home’s country charm can extend beyond a farmhouse design. From rustic Northwest mountain homes to New England cottages, the country style manifests itself in natural wood furnishings and handmade items. Look toward plank doors or simple paneled doors done in natural and rough-hewn woods like pine, alder or maple.

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Doesn't it look like Meryl Strip's kitchen in "It's Complicated"? Look at the flowers and fruits decorating the place. They make the place look so homey! This kitchen is so inviting, that I think anyone and everyone who enters it would instantly feel at home and comforted. What's a kitchen for, if it's not comfy right? Especially, if this is the favorite place for heart to heart talks and bonding with family and friends.


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