Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Banawe's Fu Chi Dumplings

While doing my assignment, I got to answer an odd phone call. This guy was looking for my dad. I thought he was like a business associate or a relative or something. But no! He was calling from home-tv shopping! Then I asked him if he would like to leave a message instead ‘coz my dad wasn’t around. He said my dad might be interested with their daily promos. I thought whoat, my dad is THAT interested in home-tv-shopping that he’s now part of their loyal clientele? Then I remembered one time after dinner, I saw him watching this boring channel selling some cellulite burning lotion. My mom came by few minutes after and asked jokingly, “are you going to get yourself fooled again?” That means my dad has indeed bought stuff from TV. :P

Anyway, tonight we went to a not-so-well-known Chinese restaurant along Banawe.

The info about the place flew to us through word of mouth. WOM really works! Fu Chi Dumplings is a very small store holding only about six tables and 30 chairs.

If you want to have the feel of Hongkong sidewalks, or Mongkok, you should try it! Even their cook looks Chinese!

It’s food offerings are noodle toppings, rice toppings and of course their specialty dumplings! I love their Kuchay dumplings! Their Repolyo dumpling tasted a bit salty and I can’t barely taste a Repolyo. My mom on the other hand enjoyed the covering of their dumplings.

We tasted their rice toppings. It’s served in bento-box style.

What’s interesting is that each set has a different combination! For example its Pork Chop rice is served with corn and egg, its Fried Fish is combined with broccoli and mushrooms, Hong Ma with another. Prices for their rice meals range from Php 120 to 140. Not bad for a meal complete with all food groups. :)

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  1. I really don't like the management of this resto. Imagine, we arrived there at 7:30 pm and were told that they are closed but there was a sign on their front door saying that they close at 9 pm. Plus, there was a "Pls. come in" sign and no "sorry we're closed" sign. When I asked them why and I was told that there's no more soup. Umm, do you only serve soup and there's no other items on the menu that we can order? I mean I guess there's no professionalism here. The management is not accommodating and changes the resto rules whenever she feels like it. If she's in the mood to close early, they'd be no notice on the front door indicating so. Extremely terrible restaurant practice and no professionalism whatsoever.