Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spotted in Bora!

I got back from Bora with a number of souvenirs: colorful necklaces with "Boracay" written on them, a couple of sand art bottles, some stones and shells, a braided hair and an itchy sun burnt skin. As expected, I got very dizzy during our island hopping and snorkeling trip. Some things just don't change. I kind of vowed to myself that I would never ever do those dreadful things again. But then, the fishes I saw were very pretty. I might try to endure hours of motion sickness for a beautiful sight underwater (maybe after 5 years). One of my favorite fish is a blue-green colored parrot fish with black thunder streaks on its body. It has an orange head and purple fins. Very colorful! Another fish (I would call it 'Zen' fish) has a white body fading to black. It has a minimalist style similar to the Japanese Zen. I wonder how God managed to color each school of fish differently. I'm sure all the colors we have now, in paint or in adobe photoshop, all came from His original masterpieces. He is indeed the God of art!

This trip was quite interesting. It's not everyday in your life that you would be in a secluded island together with sixty or so Kapamilya stars! Better keep on reading to see who's spotted!

This is a snack & dessert place in D-Mall that features Korean cold treats and flying saucer sandwiches.

Zooming in to its product offerings, you would see different flavored sherbets ranging from strawberry to wine. I think its sherbet is made from smoothly shaved ice with flavored syrup. Then it's topped with corn flakes (adds good crunch), fruits (banana, melon, mango, pineapple, cherry, etc), soft serve ice-cream and chocolate syrup. The solo size is priced at 140, and if you can see the big bowl below, it costs Php 399. That's good for 10 people.

If you want an authentic Filipino food at an affordable price, try Deco's! It has been operating since 1938. Imagine, it has existed even before WWI and WWII.

A snapshot of Deco's La Paz Batchoy. The regular size is worth only Php 67.00.

Boracay has plenty of shrimps, prawns and lobsters! They're being weighed, grilled, pan-fried and sold at the sidewalks of the beach. They're very easy to spot! You may see some lobster stands in front of the restaurants that offer eat-all-you-can promos, but these premium seafoods are offered only in ala carte.

Cafe Havana has a bright & exotic ambiance that exudes a Mediterranean feel. The shop is located at the northern part of Boracay and is very much secluded.

The bright wall paintings and the wooden fans give a cool balance to the warmth of the beach outside its windows. The arc in its doors also adds a nice accent to the rectangular motif of the place. I love how the store looks, but its food service is not commendable. Due to it being secluded, its foods are primarily catered to the in-house guests. And since we were just accidental guests (we did not opt for the proposed lunch place for island hoppers), we had to wait for more than an hour for our food to be prepared and served. What's even more odd is that this Cafe's food is a hodgepodge of Filipino and American cuisines.. not even seafood or Mediterranean-ish.

If you have Php700.00 to spare, then go for it! They'll paint your name on a shirt with scenes of the sea coloring it.

There's this one girl who did Alicia Keys' hair in Boracay. And I asked her to do the same style to my hair. Wee! I got Alicia Keys' hair for only Php 150.00!

Cheesyness is not only in the air but also in the sand!

He was sleeping under the same (hotel) roof as us.

Same for Mr. Rosell. And also for Jay Cuenca, Nina, Will Devaugn, etc. But only Vic and Rafael were spotted by my spy cam.

Till the next trip! :)

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