Saturday, March 6, 2010

Makansutra - A hidden food haven

Saturday evenings are set as my family dinner/exercise dates. We usually take time to stroll along the bay of Manila, this serves as my dad's exercise for the whole week. Then, we would have dinner inside a mall. Other times, we'd take a ride along Tomas Morato and just eat whatever we're craving for.

Our agenda for tonight was a little bit different. My dad brought us to the Oceanarium (Manila Ocean Park). Yes, I know we're kinda too old for that. Well when we got in, it was closed anyway. Then my dad asked for the location of this particular restaurant. We were led to Makansutra, an Asian fusion restaurant with a very weird name.

Makansutra was created by a Singaporean photojournalist who traveled around the world. The owner, KF Seetoh brought to life the food court "with a simple vision of celebrating the great Asian food culture and lifestyle." Indeed, it's no ordinary restaurant. From the moment you step into the place, to the time you roam around and see what's cooking, to tastetesting, you would feel like you're in Singapore.

All the cooks are at the center of the stage. The layout of the resto imitates the street foods seen in various cultures. We could see a lady cooking pad thai from Thailand, an old chef making Nasi Lemak of Singapore and someone kneading a Roti delicacy of India! The steam from some big pots filled with noodles reminded me of Hongkong and then I saw a familiar dish - adobo with rice - from the Philippines! Now, that's complete.

A nice place to take a stroll.. food kiosks from Asia!

Of course, there would be Chinese food!

Try their Nasi Lemak or Pad Thai or Hainanese Chicken or their Michael Jackson drink. I'm not paid to do their advertising by the way. I'm just a happy and contented customer. :)

Let me end this entry with a quote:

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