Monday, March 8, 2010

Cook Wholeheartedly!

Usually my relatives come by on Sundays for some bonding time. They play this sport where four players seated on each side of a square table throw these rectangular shaped blocks all around the table. Personally, I don’t enjoy their type of sport. I’d rather go up and down the stairs. :P

Anyway, my tasks on Sunday afternoons are to think of dishes to prepare and cook ‘em well!

Here goes...

~ Pre-baked heart shaped cake with 'love' formed clay - only through artworks can I express my cheesiness

~ At the lower right end of the photo is the Korean Beef Bulgogi I made. It's beef marinated in an apple, kikkoman, sesame seeds, korean beef powder, garlic and ginger sauce. A perflect blend for a sweet and salty taste! I added onions and carrots for a crunch and for their nutrients of course. You may also serve this with vermicelli.

~As I turn the lazy susan on the round table, you can see the familiar soup. It's similar to the potato soup I made a few weeks ago. On its right is the banana cake baked and sliced, ready to eat!

~ You know there's one thing I realized in cooking. If you're in a bad mood, your dish will not turn out good ("palpak"), and if your dish doesn't taste good, your mood will worsen even more; and this may affect the people around you negatively. According to my Org Behavior book, emotions are contagious.. be it sadness, anger, sleepiness or joy.

Remember if you cook, cook wholeheartedly, serve with enthusiasm, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.

They can taste the difference.

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