Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Trip to Cupcake Land

I hurried to class panting, still with a bit of flour residue on my top and hard to remove food coloring stain on my fingertips. We had our midterms exam and guess how I spent the whole day preparing for it?

Making cupcakes!

I enrolled in a Cupcakes-on-Parade class. There I got to do hands-on cupcake decorating. It’s like a blend of many of my favorite things in the world: making greeting cards, molding clays and baking goodies! I had so much fun! And I would love do it everyday if only I have unlimited supply of egg whites without all those cholesterol-filled egg yolks. Hmm.. or maybe I should practice and start teaching too?

I realized I love to be in the motion, whether it’s my mind or my hand. I love to keep my brain working, to generate endless ideas and translate them to their actual forms one by one. You guessed that right. I love the busy life. That’s why when an application in Facebook mentioned “you should remember that you’re a being and not a doing, ” I was able to relate to it. Sometimes I blame it on my temperament. And I know I shouldn’t. Anyway, that’s another topic altogether. The point is I can feel butterflies in my stomach when there are new ideas, new designs, with matching opportunities to make them work.

Let me take you to that castle along P. Guevara street. Go up two flights of stairs and enter the demo room.

You found it! (Can you see me?)

Our prof is Chef Christine Paredes, the niece of Chef Annie who owns Chocolate Lovers. Currently she's making a boiled icing by pouring the boiled sugar water mixture in the bowl of whipped egg whites. Boiled icing by the way is very easy to handle and pipe on a cake. It's a lot softer than royal icing and fondant (ready to roll icing).

Here are her sample designs:

For Easter Sunday

For Christmas

For fun

For coffee breaks

And loads more. These are some of the things you need for decorating.

Your cupcakes of course! :)

Some colored Royal or Boiled Icings

Chocolate Lollipops for decoration

More candies and other goodies

I had my share of designs too. But they may not be as good as hers, so pardon me.

A Musical "Thing" (give me a title please!)


The Early Worm Catches the Egg

Cool Summer

...and others.

As for my midterm exam? It went well. Thanks God! Time to rest and reflect. Goodnight world! :)

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