Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stuffed Tomatoes for DInner

There are so many DONT'S on the family dining table.

Don't eat beans. It's high in uric acid.
Don't eat nuts because when rancid it's cancerous.
Don't eat chicken, you're allergic to it.
Don't eat beef, it's high in cholesterol.
Don't eat pork, it's fattening.
Don't eat fish like salmon because it's also high in uric acid.
Don't eat much rice. It's high in sugar and you might become diabetic.
Don't put much salt or soy sauce, it's harmful to your kidney.

Don't eat this, don't cook that. You'll hear these phrases as often as three times a day.

So for dinner, I tried to make a very healthy dish:

This has two main ingredients. Tomatoes and Spinach. Both are very high in Vitamins A, C, K. They help fight free radicals that cause the most dreaded sickness in the world, Cancer.

To make this you need:
~ Cored tomatoes, sliced on top
~ Quickmelt cheese, grated
~ Pesto Sauce
~ Cooked rice

It's very simple. First you need to make your own pesto sauce (or buy in your neighborhood grocery). I made mine using Spinach instead of Basil leaves and walnuts. It's combination is as good as the traditional pesto sauce. Try it. Then place the cooked rice on a wok and mix it with the pesto sauce. Afterwards scoop a handful of pesto rice mixture and pour it in the cored tomatoes. Top it off with grated cheese. Then bake for about 25 mins or until cheese melts.

If you have an allergy-free family, you may want to add chicken in the pesto rice.

To serve, place the sliced tomato top on the cored tomato. Enjoy! :)

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