Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sands, Sunsets and Shoreline Sentiments

I'm flying out of Manila tom to a place called Boracay. Some say it has the best sand in the world. Others say its too commercialized. Whatever people say, Boracay is still the top-of-mind place for a sun-kissed experience, where the sun, the beach and the Barkada in bikinis join together on a hot summer day. To tell you honestly, I'm not even excited.

Although I love nature, I love the sight of seas, oceans and trees, I can't seem to love the beach as much as umm you, maybe. It's either I get eeky over some long slimy seeweeds that twirl on your ankle or some creepy crabs popping out of those small holes. I also get seasick during those island hopping trips and would you believe even when I'm snorkeling.

There was this one time when I went snorkeling somewhere in the south, our lady tourguide first briefed us on the do's and don'ts when snorkeling in that area. Yes, we can feed the fishies. "There will be those cute dory look-alikes, they're striped blue and white, there will also be those angel fish.." Then she told us the don'ts. There are seasnakes. They're quite easy to spot, they're white and long. If you see them, DO NOT MOVE.

The ol excited me got down of the boat with my aunt and tour guide. We fed some fishies which was fun. Until I saw a seasnake. I couldn't move. All I could do was whisper "heelpp..heelpp.." By golly gee, this lady tourguide did not move as well. She wasn't there to save me. Thank goodness for my macho auntie who swam to my rescue. It was one scary and dizzy trip. As usual I got seasick in the boat.

There was also this one time that I tried parasailing with the same auntie. We thought it's gonna be a breeze. Lo and behold! We got super dizzy that my aunt was already vomitting in the air. I was already pointing down, down and they still thought we were enjoying. So much for water activities.

Boracay 2007

There is one thing that I love about the beach though. It's the beauty of the horizon. The curve at the end, the streak that divides the sky and the water, reminds me that the earth has its limits. It reminds me of the Truman show. Remember there was a wall at the border of Truman's TV world? But in our case, we would just be traveling in circles.

You see the horizon shows already the shape of the earth, in mathematical terms, its circumference, the "edge" of the shape. It symbolizes the world and its limitations. No matter how goal-oriented we are, or how much we strive in our pursuits (business, education, etc.), It cannot provide the after life in the perfect world that we all long for. As I said, it can only make us go round and round in this imperfect world. Only the creator of this world can make us see what's out there. Only He knows the truth. And He has revealed it in His book entitled the "Bible". (I'm thankful for this. At least we won't look ignorant like Truman.:P)

Maybe sometimes we need to get out of the city. All the highrise buildings, the telephone poles and its wires, the billboards, are like our busy schedules that distract us from seeing the horizon. They inhibit us from thinking about life, death, our purpose, and how we are in the sight of God. Maybe we need to schedule a day off to see the calm and serene scene of the beach. (Or maybe you can just have it in your room. Or under your apron, if you are a busy mother.) It's time to have a one on one with God in silence and solitude.

Maybe this trip is exciting after all. :)

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  1. Such a rich and deep reflection on God's creation. This must be what Scripture means when it says "For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made." (Romans 1:20)