Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Choco-Loco Trip!

Last Friday, my dear friend invited me for 'chocolates.' We went to Heavenly Chocolates, a small shop along Tomas Morato that fits only about twenty people. It has the familiar coziness of your everyday coffee shop. Upon entering, you would see the welcoming red cushioned seats, soothing earthy colors, chalk sketched menu board, wall murals and of course, a free wifi sign.

And instead of smelling roasted coffee beans, this shop offers a rich scent of cocoa. Chocolate bars embossed with "I Love You" (oh cheesiness :P) decorated the chiller, Japanese chocolate cubes, Dark Belgian chocolate cakes, all were wrapped in very appetizing packages.

Surprisingly, Heavenly Chocolates also serves meals! We ordered a penne pasta. Guess what was the sauce? Chocolate of course, topped with bacon bits! Sounds odd, huh?

This one of a kind dish is a must-try if you happen to pass by Tomas Morato! The bittersweet taste of chocolate mixed with the slighty salty bacon bits is not the usual combo, but do grab a bite to kill your curiosity.

We also ordered their mexican minced pork and chicken pies.

This time the chocolate is served separately, since this dish comes with a 5 oz drink! We tried the Peru drink which is made out of pure melted dark chocolates (just like the other drinks. I think they merely differed in origin). Tasted not too sweet nor bitter. It has a bit of a fruity, tingy, rum flavor which added a bit of surprise to it.

The next day my friend and I returned, this time tagging along some more friends (free Word of Mouth). We had another round of those luscious treats plus more interesting conversations and laughters. If you have a sweet tooth, let me know, I'll take you there for another day's adventure! :)