Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surprise! Happy! Birthday!

It was my first time last night to witness a grand surprise birthday party. We celebrated our dear Boksuniu's (Rev. Sia's wife) 60th birthday at QC Sports Club Banquet Hall. And I myself didn't expect that a surprise party would be so grand, you see, more than 300 people came and joined the heart-attacking scheme! I'm sure many guests had widened their eyes or even their mouths as well upon entering the hall. One would probably be my cousin-in-law Filbert, who expected only a tenth of the people and another was a dear friend of the birthday celebrant who led a toast for her. It just goes to show how important she is to her family, and how loved she is by her family in Christ.

When the awaited guest arrived, all the lights were closed, mouths were shut...

Boksuniu was indeed speechless, not teary eyed, just speechless. It was my first time also to see her so silent for a great number of minutes. I on the other hand got a bit teary-eyed, I find Rev. Sia's efforts in organizing the event very sweet and heart-warming.

The program started with songs of praises and worship for the Lord. Devin Villacruz and Lea Calamiong serenaded us with some of BSN's favorite songs, all of which were not familiar tunes to me. I kind of had a 'love at first sound' experience (if there is such a phrase), the songs in their simple forms presented great and encouraging truths. I think I'd love to add them up in my own playlist. :)

Dinner was very filling. My fave is the fish in veloutte sauce. Yumm!

Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Mo... (or kahit makulit na ang buhok mo... Hehe.)
by the Homebuilders Club

Advance happy birthday Boksuniu! :)

(photo courtesy of Bro. Perfecto Yap)

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