Saturday, July 31, 2010

Up on the Prayer Mountain

Today we went to a place in Antipolo known as the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain. I thought we'd get lost along the way since the only available address was a baranggay (town) something. And just to let you know, it's a literal mountain with all the trees in the world. I wondered if we would be able to differentiate it from the rest, especially if the only other clue we got was its name - "Prayer." My friend said jokingly, "Antipolo is just one straight road, based from our previous trip, if we feel like we're about to get kidnapped, then we must probably be very near." He was right!

I was hoping for sunshine this morning, but along the way rain started to pour. Then I heard a song playing in the car stereo "His love is better than life.. His love is better than light." I thought, "Yes, better than SUNlight. This is it! No turning back now. God will speak rain or shine."

When we got there, my siblings in Christ and I settled in separated prayer cells. Each of us stepped in a small enclosed room for silence and solitude. With only a lamp, a small table and our Bible keeping us company, the ninety minutes of quiet time was surprisingly insightful and refreshing.

Before the trip, I had several things to talk to God about. Points to ponder. Steps to take. People to pray for. Issues that mattered. However, I was moved to pray just these (copied from my journal):

1. Reveal to me the worst of my sins. Convict me Father so I may fully appreciate the gospel & have a better relationship with the people around me.

2. May You become my sole focus, my sole purpose. Please take off all my masks and make my face shine Your glory.

3. Lord, I confess of my anger problem. It is indeed my weakness and I pray that you would fill me with the Spirit, the Spirit of peace, love and truth. Please let me be rooted and established in love, and be blessed with the power to grasp how wide, how long, how high, how deep is the love of Christ.

4. Thank You, for Your love is better than sunshine. :)

5. (I wrote this down when I trekked a few steps up until I got to see a vast view of the mountains) Whenever I see nature, the sky, the trees and the flowers, I am always reminded that you hold the master plan. No one can thwart it. (It's quite difficult to remember this truth in the city when we're surrounded by buildings, billboards, buses and everything man-made.)

Time's up. Back to my favorite place in the house, the COMFORT room. :)

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