Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Journal: Apple Box & Clam Shell Travel Journal

We had clam soup for dinner last night. And it was a joy to see our house-help, Fay, washing the shells instead of throwing them away. I asked what they were for. "For my notebooks," she said. Beautiful! I think she's a bit contaminated with my recycle fever (hihi!). This reminds me of the sand I had brought home from Boracay last year.

To make the travel journal, I used the corrugated cardboard from the apple box we got a few months ago.

I applied the same technique as the Biscuit Box Journal, by sewing the spine.

This is how it looks with a spineless joint.

This is the inner cover of the cardboard box.

Add some bling-blings on the front cover. I used clam shells, sand, a pearl, cut-outs from magazines, and my very own mini-envelop.

Wee! Wouldn't it be lovely to have your very own travel journal? :)

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