Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Journal: Old Boots' Shoelace & Junk Food Wrapper Purse Book

My friend calls this project a Bipolar Journal because of it's contrasting (1) subdued & classic side and its (2) colorful wacky side. Why two sides you may ask? This two fold project can be your journal and pouch in one.

You may do this with the following:
1. Old Jeans
2. Cardboard (for filling)
3. Junkfood wrappers (for lining)
4. Decorative fabric (optional)
5. Old shoelace - mine was taken from a ten year old boots

6. Black crochet thread (for stitching the text block or signatures together)
7. Paper
8. Eyelets
9. Glue

To do this, first divide the cardboard into five parts -- the front cover, the spine, the mid cover, the spine, the back cover. The front, mid and back covers are 6" x 8", while the two spines are 6/8 of an inch. Fold the cardboard accordingly.

Glue strips of junkfood wrappers on the cardboard. Place a heavy paperweight on top while waiting for it to dry. (I used a stack of magazines and thick books.) After it's all dried, glue jeans on the other side.

Place text block with at least five signatures of five sheets (measuring 7.5" x 11") on one side of the two fold cardboard. Poke two holes on each signature, one on top and the other at the bottom. Insert eyelets on the top and bottom spines of the cardboard for the stitching of the text block.

With jeans as the inside cover...

For the pouch side, generously pour some eyelets on the sides of the pouch. Tie it with a black shoelace.

Use the other strand of black shoelace as the enclosure of the purse book.

Drop in your keys, pens, and small wallet... and you are good to go! :)

Happy upcycling!

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