Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Journal: Powerbooks Plastic Journal

I was in the mood to do some recycling, or upcycling, of plastics I've collected (and left wandering) inside my cabinet.

The following are the ingredients of this recycled journal:

1/2 Powerbooks plastic bag
1 Terranova plastic bag
2 parchment papers
a pile of blank pages from old notebooks (thank you Kat!)
a foot of nylon cord
a handful of beads
a two hole puncher
a pair of scissors

Iron out the plastics and turn them into plastic leathers. To do this, turn the plastics inside-out and fold them twice. Sandwich the plastics between the two pieces of parchment paper. Ensure that the inks of the plastics are faced inside to prevent any blotting. Turn the temperature of your iron to low to medium heat. Then press on. Keep on pressing until the folds of plastic inside have stuck together. You may glue two ironed plastics together to add height... in case your notebook leaves are quite long.

Once you're done with the cover. Let your papers and plastic leather cover undergo the drilling process of a two-hole puncher. Clamp the cover and notebook pages together. Insert a nylon string in one hole then fill it with beads on both sides. Slide one end of the nylon string in the other hole and tie both ends together.

There you have it! You're very own Recycled -or upcycled- Journal.

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