Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY Journal: Biscuit Box Journal

My sweet tooth was craving for a sweet and sentimental creation. So today, I looked for a sweet thing from my sentimental (which parents equate to trash) box. I dug through it. I found this little treasure - GINBIS Party Animals box - and decided to make a journal notebook out of it.

I cut the box and utilized the front and back portions as my notebook cover. Then, I measured the drawing papers to 15cm x 38.1cm, which is the size of the Ginbis box and cut them accordingly. I used 16 sheets of paper, divided them into four sheets per signature.

In order to texturize the plain cardboard on the inside cover, I placed a layer of glue and sprinkled some fine sand I got from Boracay.

Score four holes on each signature and on the front and back covers. It is important to make them parallel to one another. Sew the spine with a prettyful bold colored thread to match the front cover. I opted for a bright yellow-orange yarn.

This is how it should look after it's done. :)

I attached a flap to the opening of the Journal. I utilized the side portion of the GINBIS box. Like the cover, I added a sand texture to it. I glued in a rectangular 0.5" x 1" velcro on the inner flap and on the corresponding portion of the front cover.

There you have it, the Biscuit Box Journal!

Create art to inspire! Let's be responsible stewards of God's Kingdom.

If you would like to donate 'trash' such as old boxes, used plastics, good-to-throw-away cardboards to my sentimental box, you are very much welcome to do so!

God bless you, and Happy Upcycling!

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