Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Based on experience, I learned that when a child buys a gift to a parent, she almost always gets it back discreetly. One time, I bought my mom a thick hardbound cookbook for her birthday. I thought she'd love to have something like a guide for her to plan the family meals. A couple of months later, I found it tucked on a shelf in my bedroom. On another occasion, I gave my parents some inspirational books and a vase with dried scented flowers. Guess what? I found the books on the same shelf and the vase in my bathroom. Hmm.. Odd. :P

Finally, four years ago I discovered a gift that was valued by my parents, something that I couldn't take back (whether I liked it or not). It was the gift of service that required love (in action) and wisdom (well thought of). My gift was very simple. I went to the grocery and bought some goodies. Then, I woke up extra early on my mom's special day and cooked Gado-gado and noodles for her. She was surprised (since I don't really cook before). The joy and delight on her face was extremely priceless.

Mother's Day is coming up! Time to think of a nice mom's day gift, or better yet a mom's day service! You can take her out to a nice dinner date, cook for her, take her to a spa, or simply bond with her. Give her the time of her life. Let me share with you a short music video that may also bring joy to your mom. It's titled, Why a Daughter Needs a Mother.

After you're done with the planning and implementation, start thinking of ideas for the Father's Day!

Enjoy! :)

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