Monday, May 31, 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010

Just got back from the magnanimous and authentic Chinatown! Five days of fabulous Shanghai ambiance - where east literally meets west, 13 meals of real Shanghai foods (initially, I expected to taste the best SHANGHAI LUMPIA :P) and nearly 30 hours of intense walking. Those days were definitely packed that I thought I had been in China for ages!

Our main objective was to visit the internationally marketed, grand event of the year, the Shanghai World Expo 2010. I expected to see beautifully manufactured exteriors of different countries and to taste and experience a glimpse of the country inside. On our 2nd day, while we were still in the van crossing the Lupu Bridge, I had an aerial view of the expo site. True enough, there were oddly shaped buildings of various colors plus THOUSANDS of people swarming around them. Later I found out, they amounted to at least 30 thousand people. There were also hundreds of buses parked symmetrically at the north east of the site. I thought "Wow, man! Tourists must be flying in from all over the world just to be here. This is the best place to be!"

Upon arriving, I observed that almost 90% of the visitors were Chinese. Most of the words spoken by employees inside the expo were also in Mandarin. Imagine this, if you were to enter the Portugal pavilion for example, those Portuguese would speak to you in Mandarin, same goes in Spain, France, Finland, USA, and every other Pavilion.

Here are some of our stop-overs ~ rich in culture, produce and not so popular information:


It's amazing how the "chosen ones" have been protected by God from powerful enemies living at its borders. If you look at the map below, Israel is a small small country (painted in orange between Egypt and Saudi Arabia) surrounded by giant Muslim nations like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. When enemies attack they have hi-tech weapons to defend themselves.

Just like their miniscule size, Israelites are the ones leading in the process of minimalization. Believe it or not: they developed and manufactured the "DiskonKey" which was later known as USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive, a powerful tool in the IT industry today. They also invented the smallest camera called the "Pillcam."

This is a health care device used to track and visualize disorders in the digestive track. Amazing ha? A camera right in your very own stomach. In the global scale, Israel will have a powerful role in the 2012 Olympics. They will use their satellites to broadcast the much awaited event worldwide. I now know that when Christ returns, it's truly possible for the world to see His presence. God can definitely make the impossible possible, and He has done numerous wonders for the Israelites.


This country is going back to nature with their sources of energy. They've tried solar and wind powers, now they're adding a new element, WATER, coming from the waves of the ocean.

They also have the yummiest egg tart in the whole world! If you're living in the east, you don't need to go to Portugal for a taste of their creamy, melts-in-your-mouth, delicacy. Hop on a plane or boat and stop by Macau (previously a Portuguese territory), they are also famous for their egg tarts.


I'm not sure if you've come across this name. Oman is located at the coast of the Arabian Sea, beside UAE and Saudi Arabia. It has a rich history in trading, which can be traced back to the year 7AD when cargoes were loaded with luxury items such as gold, silver, pearls, ceramics, spices and perfumes. These made their way across the globe through Oman.

Sharing with you an interesting trivia: Do you know that Oman is the leading producer and exporter of Frankincese? This was one of the gifts offered by the three kings at the night of Christ's birth. I got to smell this fragrant flower. there.. Mmm....


I had a wonderful time in the Kingdom of Morocco, the land situated at the North West of Africa. I stepped inside this beautiful mansion and got to skim and experience a life in Morocco for a great number of minutes.

I discovered that they have a very colorful culture, shown in their colorful fashion trends..

unique string instruments used to play Arabian music,

Harmonious scent brought about by their spices, nuts and middle eastern staples


Afghanistan, a country stamped as off-limits in our passports welcomed tourists in the Shanghai Expo. I stepped into the room (not a stand-alone pavilion) with passionate curiosity. I saw that their mode of transportation was a double decked jeepney - quite intricately done.

Rubies and gems are popular commodities for trading.

as well as some carpets.

I'm not sure if you would agree on their tagline:

These are just five examples of countries featured in the expo, there are at least a hundred pavilions more. If you plan to visit the expo this June, better brace yourselves. It's the onset of summer in China, more people will be flocking in, thus you may have to stand long hours (at least 3 hours per pavilion) under the summer heat. I suggest you do as the Romans (or the Chinese) do.

1. Bring some refreshing and healthy snacks
I saw several people munching on whole cucumbers, apples, pears, loquat (or Pi-pa in Chinese) and bananas. These are easy-to-eat hand held foods that provide good fiber and nourishment as you walk and stand in line.

Since you can't bring in water, buy water bottles inside the expo. These are safer than getting water from their potable water fountains. You don't want to be rushing to the nearest restroom when you're halfway in line right?

3. Don't forget your umbrella
The weather varied in all the three days of our visit in the expo. It was hot on the first day, very cold on the second day (we had to buy scarves) and raining on the third. Rain or shine, an umbrella would be a good asset!

4. Pack light
Please don't bring anything that you would not use during hours and hours of standing and walking.

5. Keep your cool
There will be several people pushing or forcing their way in line. Don't waste a beautiful God-given day to fight. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the artworks and architecture all around you. Who knows, you may even make long-lasting friends there. :)

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