Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010 = Election Day

After months of intense advertisements, press releases and debates, days of hearing endless jingles ("si... ang tunay na may malasakit... la la") on TV, on the road and outside the house, all will come to an end today. Finally! This is the day we've all been waiting for!

It was my first time to vote, my first time to exercise this right as a Filipino citizen and I realized that they (referring to people who opted not to vote) were right. It's really not that fine and dandy. This "right" requires you to stand in the hot summer weather, lets you wait for a couple of hours until one of the 20 chairs in the classroom empties itself for you.

But you know what, it was worth the wait. The process was fast. The teachers and other volunteers were accomodating. And most importantly, I was able to cast my vote. Someone once told me that this is the only right, or act, where that of the president and all the countrymen are equal. Thus, it's a privilege to vote.

I admire the teachers I encountered in my precinct room. One lady not only assisted me when I was putting my ballot in the PICOS machine, but she also taught me how it works, how to place the paper and what to wait for. This gentle lady, together with her colleagues, I believe are some of the greatest blessings in the country.

Let me share with you the marks of a great leader. I got the list from Ptr. Nehemiah Sia.

1. Humility
Is he ready to serve? Is she willing to accept and learn from mistakes?

2. Clear vision and strategy

3. Character of Christ
Is he able to model the life of Christ? Does he love God and love the people under his care?

4. One spouse
If he's not faithful to his wife and family, how much more to the country.

5. Team oriented
Is he a good team player? Does she always have to be the boss?

6. Empowering people
Not self-seeking.

7. Initiator
Is he able to bring the team closer to the vision through initiating changes or improvements?

Given a power to cast a vote, use it and be a responsible steward of God!
Bring a fan, a cold bottle of water and maybe a good book with you. :)

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