Friday, May 7, 2010

Today's Project: Homemade Journal

Recently, I've been watching a lot of Youtube! From cooking to notebook making, all these lessons have been stored up in a limitless void of cyberspace. People from all over the world upload videos, compete for the most number of hits and are hoping to be the next Youtube wonderkid. And we as ordinary internet consumers are enjoying the abundant information (although sometimes they are nothing but junk foods that take up our time from the real world, real relationships and real physical activities. So watch out!)

Yesterday I watched a video of DIY art journal. You see, I'm a collector of cute notebooks and journals. I enjoy writing my thoughts, realizations and learnings for the day. It's like taking pictures, capturing a moment of one's precious life. But in this case because I can't take pictures of what goes in my mind, I write it! You should try it too! Apart from keeping this blog, would you believe I update three notebooks frequently? I have an idea notebook, a prayer notebook and a journal. I'm not even including my personal organizer here yet.

What I made was a notebook to store memory verses, it's titled similar to my previous blog "A Proverb a Day Keeps the Demons Away."

To make this notebook, you'd need:

Cloth - 11 x 5 in (2 pcs if cloth is thin)
12 sheets of drawing paper - 5 x 7 in (I tore some pages from a good quality sketch pad)
Yarn thread

1. Cut the cloth based on the size of your paper. Add a few inches for the flap cover. Glue or sew cloth back to back for a sturdy cover. You may use a different type of cloth or pattern at the back.

2. Mark the spine edge of the cover.

3. Align the sheets of paper on the cover and place paper clips to hold them in place. You may now start sewing!

4. Decorate the cover of the notebook. You may put brooches, artpapers, fabrics, laces, ribbons, keychains, it's your call! You are limited only by your imagination.

5. Start writing! Enjoy!:)

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  1. I love this Journal! u r so creative Joyce dear ^o^