Monday, February 8, 2010

A Comical Meeting - very much worth it!

My adventure for the day was weird, or rather, funny. I attended a leadership training at church which was catered to men! Well, initially I thought maybe all the other females were absent, since it was early in the evening and most had work. But then again, it’s weird to be the only lady in a room with 30 or so males. Actually, I received a text message that it was supposed to be last Saturday, but this friend of mine told me “it’s moved to Monday. I received the the cell leads invitation twice.” So I thought I might have not received it, and said, “Okay, see you on Monday.”

I stayed the whole time. It was very inspiring so see our senior pastor encourage the leaders to move and make disciples. Many traditional churches have been RICHing inside, while modern churches are REACHing outside. Both have their own pros and cons, REACHing outside for example may have more members but most often than not, they sell the gospel cheap, while RICHing inside may equip its members very well but it results to a stagnant quantity in church members. I’m just glad that God has given our pastors the wisdom to take steps in balancing both.

What makes a leader? It is the ability to reproduce life, not merely to communicate information. This is what discipleship making is all about. As we grow like Jesus, we also help others grow like Him. We help others become more helpful, patient, kind, prayerful, etc. We teach them who we are, not what we know.

Would you like to become one?

Q1: Have you heeded the TRUE CALLING?

Do you have the born-again experience? The time you accepted the Lord.. the gradual process of letting GO the different parts of your life and letting GOD become your master… Being rooted and built up in Him, through reading and studying His word… Strengthened on the faith… and overflowing with thanksgiving.

Q2: After the calling, have you made the COMMITMENT?

Commit to the discipleship making process. Pace by pace, with grace, love, truth and time, your life as well as others’ will be transformed. Jesus called the crowd to become believers, and the believers to become disciples. To be a disciple, you must be committed to (1) deny yourself, (2) carry your cross. Everything you do is for and by God.

Q3: After the commitment, are you engaged in the great COMMISSION?

Preach the real gospel, the one that can turn old creation to new creation. God has placed each of us in a pond - this is our workplace, school, set of friends, family. May we become the beautiful lilies that exist for a meaningful purpose.

“If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever.” - 1 Peter 4:11

~ o ~

"Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

~ Jesus Christ

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