Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines isn't so cheesy after all

~ Feb 12, 2010 ~

An early celebration of the upcoming cheesy day.
That afternoon, as I was playing with the cute little girls living right beside our house, someone in formal attire came out of his car, headed towards me and gave me a big bunch or red roses and chocolates. I know, cheesy right? I got a little bit embarrassed so I quickly went back home. Nevertheless, I appreciated this guy’s gesture. Sweet or cheesy, I don’t know, sometimes it all depends on my mood. For that afternoon, it was a little of both.

The flowers were bought from the same flower shop as he did in the past Valentines Days, and according to him there’s a story of a guy who bought the same flowers for his wife every Valentines Day, even after he died. The chocolates were from Heavenly Chocolates, a store along Tomas Morato that offers pure Japanese chocolates. He explained “The first taste is not as sweet, a little bit bitter, but becomes smooth and sweet after. It’s not the typical sweet chocolate you buy outside. I gave it to you because our relationship has not always been sweet, has not been perfect at the beginning. But I hope that like the chocolates, we grow to love the relationship even more. We would be able to say at the end of the day that it was God who wrote our love story in spite of the imperfections.” Aww… :)
Secrets of the Heart
In the evening, we had our weekly fellowship with the Friday Crew. We talked about the most popular topic of the era ~ Love and Relationships. Our speaker (the same guy above) shared with us that our view of love may have been shaped and reshaped since childhood. Because of the Disney movies, we’ve always envisioned that once we find our prince charming or princess in life, we’d live happily ever after. Then as we grow up, new ideas, new beliefs reshape our view… from prince charming, we divert to finding our “God’s Best.”

Some people is out on a quest of finding their God’s Best, and this has become the meaning of their lives. After graduating college, it’s time to meet the ‘right person’, get married, have babies, etc, etc, etc. They see that by having their God’s Best, their lives would be complete. And many times when they have found their supposedly “God’s Best”, they end up frustrated, angry or hurt. This is because their God’s Best cannot fill-in the position perfectly. They cannot meet the needs of the people on a look-out. Well I think even the “God’s Best” is out looking for his/her God’s Best as well. Both want to have their needs and longings met by a God’s Best, which at the end may turn out to be an idol. (An idol in common terms is an image like money, a person, an ambition or fame that distracts us from God.)

Our speaker then reminded us that God has given us our “God’s Best” already. We can see kindness, gentleness, joy, mercy, hope, anything we’ve ever been looking for.. in him. He has given his life for us. He is Jesus Christ. No man on this earth can fit in the “God’s Best” position better than him.

May we get to know him deeper and fall in love with him more and more each day.

Cheers from the Friday Crew!

~ Feb 14, 2010 ~

A day out with family.

Spent some quality time with my family and thrilled ourselves by going to the Tree Top Adventure Park.

I had no guts to fall off from a tall tree face down which is their most sought after ride, the Tree Drop Adventure. So we ended up riding the canopy ride, a 45-min ride gliding from tree to tree. 10 trees all in all. Three of us were seated on this row of swings (similar to Flying Fiesta). At first it was quite exciting to see the view of so many trees (I love nature!), but it got a little bit dragging. Imagine having to be on a swing for 45 minutes. Thank goodness for those Tree Top employees, they made our stay fun with their jokes and scary antics.

When we go to Subic, my mom would usually drop by Royal Duty Free. I on the other hand would go to the store right across the street. Take a wild guess of the name. Nope, it’s not Puregold duty free. Not the Nike outlet either. It’s National Bookstore! Weee… I bought new books! One is entitled MICROTRENDS.

It shows small niches that are starting to grow and they may affect the future market trend of the American community and the world. There I learned the real meaning of cougars.

The second book I bought was all about FROZEN DESSERTS. It shows step by step illustration of how to make ice cream, sorbetes, gelato, granite and composed frozen desserts. It also has key techniques, definitions and pastry tips in every page.

Then, I saw a book written by Martha Stewart entitled “The Martha Rules”. I bought one previously from a different bookstore for Php 120.00. I checked the price at Natio, it was a blazing, rocketing Php 1,050. So I mumbled to myself, wow, good buy! Then when I moved to the table right beside it, I saw the same book selling for only Php 99.00. Funny.

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  1. I think a 45-min ride on that swing would be torture for me. There's not much of anything to keep me from falling. I don't know if I'd die of fear first or of boredom.