Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trees Outside My Window

This morning I was welcomed with sunshine, cool breeze and a beautiful view outside my window. In most days, I do get this warm welcome. Probably the only thing that’s different today is that I got to sit back, relax and appreciate the beauty of a Wednesday morning.

I stared at the trees across the street and realized ‘wow, man! They’ve been through a lot and yet they’re still there, standing tall!’ I wonder how they've managed to live through Bagyong Pepeng, Ondoy, Ramil, Auring, Crising, Dante, Emong etc, etc, etc.

To give you an idea, here’s a picture of what happened in one of those typhoons.

Yes, people, cars, dogs, cats and rats went swimming that afternoon. It was like a scene from Jumanji. Very odd. And yet, after those 9 hours of continuous rainfall, the trees outside my window were still alive! Imagine having to undergo an average of 20 bagyos per year, wouldn’t that be torture for them?

I spent many minutes staring at those trees in amazement, those trees although thin in stature (coconut trees kasi) are uberly strong. Then I realized, we humans do encounter storms also. Usually, there is no ‘typhoon signal’ to warn us ahead of a heavy trial coming our way. (Hmm… hardly any difference with the Pagasa? Kidding! :P). And many times the thought of giving up comes to our minds.

But you know what’s wonderful to know? The trees are merely trees, while we are men, created in the image of God. And we have been given these promises: God will never leave us nor forsake us. And everything works together for those who love HIM. I believe it won’t matter how heavy the challenge is if we have a BIG God, who is greater than all of our problems combined. He can carry the burdens for us and lead us through the life’s storms. With Him, there's HOPE.

Are there crazy storms rocking you at this very minute? Look at the trees outside. Acknowledge the Creator. Remember that He’s with you. Talk to Him.

Have faith my dears, He's listening.

God bless! :)

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