Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11: Greetings!

Happy new year readers, sojourners, and fellow brothers and sisters!

What were the new year rituals you abided to during the 2010-2011 transition? Did you jump up and down the stairs thinking that you'd grow taller? Did you place some round-shaped fruits in the dining table to welcome more prosperity in year 2011? Did you let some coins jingle on the floor and then kept them in your wallet as your "lucky coins"? Or did you simply spent the last few hours of 2010 facebooking and chatting in YM?

Well, what I did last night, the last night of 2010, was rather simple. I had a lovely dinner with my family in a Chinese restaurant. Interestingly, it was the only open restaurant within sight. Most had been closed by 8pm. We had noodles, spicy and sweet; white bun, soft and fluffy; jelly fish, crunchy and palatable.

When we got home, my girl pals and I did a four-part activity. This is our new year ritual. Feel free to read on and adopt it at the end of this year.

First, we reflected upon the passing year and wrote a letter to God. There is much to be thankful for, much to learn from and much to look forward to every year. At ten in the evening, of the last day of the year, it was the perfect moment to sit comfortably in a quiet corner, to count the blessings, one after another, and roll them up back to Heaven with praise and thanksgiving.

Second, we summarized 2010 in a drawing. What happens every year is different, the people that we meet, the learnings that we pick up, the experiences, the hurdles, the thought bubbles, they're all different. Every little second of every day makes a year different from the previous years. My drawing was something like this:

I survey 2010 as my time of waiting. That's why you see the big clock there. It was a road marked with bumps (Satan's stumbling blocks) and timely signs (God's loving encouragements), restlessness and comfort, letting go (of old priorities.. ergo the garbage can) and new discoveries (i.e. gifts, insight). God has been faithful.

Third, we wrote a "Thank You" letter to our family. Here is Nancy with her beautifully drawn card.

And Fae with her letter to Lola (grand mother).

Fourth, we prepared our New Year's Resolution. Although people tell me that resolutions do not work, it's still better to try some thing than not do anything at all. And according to Psychology, if we are disciplined enough to do an act for 21 consecutive days, it's most likely that we would be able to continue it for the rest of the year. Just some tips, if you are thinking of making a number of resolutions this year:

1. Cut the number. Too many resolutions would only be forgotten and be left undone.

2. Make them short and simple. Easily remembered lines would allow you to know your resolutions by heart.

3. Keep them realistic and manageable.

4. Choose resolutions that you would want to be part of your lifestyle forever. Hopefully, these are items that could draw you closer to God or make you become a better prince or princess of the King of kings. Choose wisely. There are New Year's Resolutions that have an eternal value.

5. Take Action.

When the clock reached 12 midnight, the three of us went out and greeted the new year with a bang.

May your family be filled with love, your home with laughter and your days with fulfillment!

May we become the salt and light of the earth. Have a joyous year ahead! :)

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  1. ooooo! :> im thinking, no, im sure that you enjoyed your new year's eve! let's enjoy another year together! >:D<