Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Nervous Sister

My brother is getting married today. Seeing him all dressed-up in his suit surprisingly brought tears to my eyes. It is just sinking in. My brother.. is.. getting.. married.. he.. is.. going.. to.. have.. his.. own.. family. I can't believe that the guy who I've grown up to play with, to fight with, to laugh with, to argue with, to journey with, is now finally starting a life with a new family. He will, in a couple of hours, be "one" with his dearly-beloved-wife-to-be.

I hope to not shed a tear later; I don't want to ruin my make-up. I hope to remember all the words I'll have to say, all the standing up & the sitting down the lady at the church had taught us during the rehearsal. I hope to become a good sister to my 'ah-so' (sister in law). I hope to become a loving aunt to my nephews and nieces. I hope to include them in my prayers even if we'll be miles apart. I hope that they know, they'll always have a sister in me.

Here's one of our last photos together before he said his "I do". :)


  1. cute picture! HUGGIES! :)

  2. Naiyak ako joyce..... napaiwanan na talaga ako! bit im happy for mervin... and i know that u will b a good ah- so to ur sister in law... i'll pray for u!

  3. hmm... is it because of the picture? Hehe. :P