Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PAUSE , . : ; !

This happens when we don't pause for a while stop for a sec and rest for a bit we go on and on like there is no tomorrow we rant and rant like there is no time to think and process our thoughts time flies and so we fly along with it we let the motions of the world take us around its axis we fly on the ring or what is known as the orbit we swing around the moon oh I mean the sun and so the day turns into the night the night turns into a day the day turns into a night once the night is over we are ready to hit the day we bring out our coach bag Mac makeup kit cellphone handheld landline laptop wallet with various credit cards we microwave the food from last night we take a couple of spoonfuls of rice we drink a cup of dark black coffee to keep us awake for the rest of the morning and we get in the car hit the gas at 120 km per hour and reach the office in fifteen minutes of course we pass by some stop lights during those much dreaded boring stops we bring out our makeup kit and apply the eyeshadow eyeliner and lipstick once we reach the office we drink another cup of coffee to keep us awake until late in the afternoon while we do our tasks for the day when we reach home we turn on our laptop log in facebook check out the notifications and read more updates we update our status and upload a new photo we wait for comments while waiting for comments we add another tab to our browser and surf the net we look at the clock it is now two in the morning we cannot recall what has happened during the day time has just passed one hour at a time we let the motions of the world take us round and round its axis as the night turns into a day the day turns into a night

PAUSE , . : ; !

Life is short. Reflect on what is worthwhile.

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