Thursday, January 13, 2011

Room Detox and Retox

The renovation is almost over. Nothing much has changed in my room. My only requirements were a corner where I could read and do my quiet time, a clean well-lit table where I could do my crafts and a bigger, longer book shelf to keep my collection. And the color of my room has changed from orange to old rose. It's one step closer to Honeysuckle which is THE Color of 2011 according to Pantone, a well-known color-service company.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent hours refilling my room mostly with papers, books,
notebooks and other hard copy documents. They came from boxes and big clear plastic bags tucked away in the guest's restroom during the whole course of the renovation.

I discovered (or probably rediscovered since I'm becoming quite forgetful nowadays) more things about myself.

1. I had an odd hobby of creating my own fonts. I only ended up in J though. Guess what font type is shown in the image below?

(Answer: Climb)

(Answer: Elves)

(Answer: Joy)

2. The image below reminded me that I was also fond of creating clubs. When I was in grade 6, I co-founded a group called the "Cute Spice Club". It comprised of huge fans of Spice Girls & Backstreet Boys then. Apart from CSC, I was also part of the Best-Friend-Ship Club, Genesis Club and Chained 3io club. Inside this notebook were our summer plans, our secret codes, news and updates, lyrics, our crushes and even our non-crushes (meaning: boys we'll never have a crush on).

3. Doodling has been part of my learning process. There were times that I would shift to folding or cutting of book/notebook pages whenever I had no pen within reach. That's why, I make it a point to bring a pen and a notebook with me wherever I go.

4. I forgot that about a decade ago, I was madly, head-over-heels crushing on this guy below. Oh, highschool days! Guess who?

5. More of my books are on:

a. Inspirational

b. Food related

c. Hobbies and Recreation

Here's the final product!

Why don't you take a look around your room as well. See what things are the most visible. Is it books? What books? Is it musical instruments? Is it art works? Is it your writings? Is it flowers? Is it animals? Observe. That could just be your passion in life! :)

Just some stuff to brighten up your day! Good morning! :)

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