Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 1st David I know - scene 2

To continue with the story of David, let’s go back to the place in time where men fought with spears, prophets provided some consultation hours, breads and lambs were burnt as offerings, and caves were their favorite place of refuge. Although David had already been anointed as king, well it took him 15, yes FIFTEEN, long grueling years before he really became one!

Interestingly, between his appointment and inauguration, he was mostly running for his life (literally). He was fleeing from place to place, from caves to mountains, to rocks, to another city, to another cave in the next city, in a breathless chase with King Saul. What’s amazing about it was that for the several chances of him getting killed, God saved him each and every time. God allowed Saul to torment David, for God’s glory to be revealed through David.

Imagine this, one time when Saul and his 3000 men were about to catch David with only a mountain in between them, God suddenly let the Philistines raid Israel so Saul had to go back and fight for his country. Although I’m sure God could defeat thousands through hundreds or even tens, just like how He defeated a giant through a small boy like David. God still kept the distance. Anyway, when Saul went back, he relieved himself (all alone) in a cave where David and his men were hiding. Instead of taking his sweet revenge, David said to his men “the Lord forbid that I should do this to my lord the king and attack the Lord’s anointed one, for the Lord himself has chosen him.” He opted to not kill Saul even if this would hasten the pace of him replacing the king. Later on, we can see that the Lord will kill Saul through the Philistines.

David’s patience was truly commendable. He knew that he was to be made king and yet opted to wait for the Lord’s great timing. We’ll talk about it when I reach that chapter.

Are you also waiting for a goal to be accomplished? A breakthrough to your finances? A healing to your sickness? Like David, God may allow us to suffer as we wait for his promises to be fulfilled. Good thing though that in each and every step, He places there a 'cave', a place of refuge, a sanctuary where we can just go to Him and rest.

What's even more fantabulously fantastic is that he does not only have the
ends in mind, but He also knows the means by heart. He knows the timing of our lives, which means that the painful moments of waiting do serve a purpose. He raises up people He plans to use to help us in each step, just like Jonathan who saved David from Saul or Ahimelech who provided food for David and his men in the middle of the great royal chase. God even calculated the details of our environment so well that everything that seems uncontrollable to us is controlled by our one and only Creator. Without us knowing, He has already painted the BIG picture of our lives. He has already written our life story.

What we simply need to do is live out our faith!

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