Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Refreshing Brunch

I miss the old times. I miss the stories and laughter shared before and after a class. I miss saying hi to friends scattered in different corners of the campus. I miss spending lunch breaks with friends who shared the struggles of college life. I even miss those stressful days that I thought would soon to be repressed memories. Those booooring days where we spent the whole day listening to RENT musical and net surfing, I also missed. You know why? Because I miss my friends who took part in shaping my college life.

Time has passed. Many things have changed. Some went back to their hometowns, some started climbing the corporate ladder, others took the risks of a business venture. Everyone has become busy in his/her own way. I’m just thankful that I was able to catch up with some of my closest college friends today. :O)

This morning, we had brunch together to celebrate the post birth date of Jilly. (Whew! good thing I got there safely, thanks to Jirbie!) It was a refreshing moment indeed!

Jill and Wena

Jirbie and Moi

Jill and I ordered the American breakfast set of UCC, while Jirbie and Wena tried the classic Filipino breakfast meals - pork tocino and chicken adobo. I loved the taste of their waffle, and the texture is truly an American
classic! I did not appreciate their chicken-pork sausage as much though. The herbs were really overpowering. But when eaten together with a bite of waffle and veggies, the tastes balanced each other out.

I partnered mine with a cup of creamy hot chocolate. One of the best in Manila!

And for our dessert... it looked and tasted like waffle cubes drenched in honey, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream. Yum!

Jilly, Weny and Jirbsie, we should make a pact to meet more often!

Jirbs, thanks for coordinating! Next time I hope to see you driving along Edsa na. haha! (look who's talking. :P

Jilly, let's chat soon! And you know where we can hang-out when you come over. hihi! Do visit Manila more often.

Weny,sana may kwento ka narin, like Jilly.. hehe jk!

Love ya guys!

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