Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Afternoon Delight!

To add to the fruitfulness and blessedness of yesterday, I was able to spend the whole afternoon with Ate Joan who I get to meet only on rare occasions. I first met her in my grandpa's birthday three years ago, and then we got (a lot) closer during our second meeting, which was in my grandpa's wake. (Hmm.. Thank you Guakong? :P) It felt like she's my long lost sister, and indeed during that fateful evening, she became my sister in Christ, a sister for life. :)

Here is a picture of Ate Joan eating Martha's Hat Cupcake. Glad that she enjoyed it. Hihi!

During our merienda time (we had Martha's Hat Cupcake, the Revel Bar and some choice breads), we talked about the past year, reflected and moved on to thoughts about our future. It was an encouraging sight for me to see her so lively and vibrant while she is still waiting patiently for the Lord's leading. She usually tells me this line "If we lift up our concerns to God and put our trust in Him, He will take care of us naman diba" with a smile. And I couldn't have said any better.

After our calorie loaded snacks, we started cooking. Yeba! So our menu for the night was:

1. Creamy Brocolli Soup
2. Joan's Homemade Adobo with a Carrots and Potatoes

3. Onion Rings
4. Adobo Tofu with Pork
5. Joan's version of Starbucks Mocha Frappe

I really, extremely love her Adobo. Looks a bit ordinary, but it's definitely one of the best you can ever taste. Her Frappe is also very yummy! David, our primary taste-tester, wasn't able to sleep until 3AM though after consuming this rich creamy Frappe. :P

With all the chit-chats, encouragements and cooking (activity that we both enjoy), this afternoon was very delightful and meaningful indeed!

May you also have many delightful afternoons with friends, old and new.


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