Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Traditional Scottish Dish & a Wisdom

Let me share with you a fact that not a cook, baker, or artist is willing to admit. It’s not everyday that your work, your service, your effort, your creation is appreciated. Unless if you’re like Martha Stewart who can afford to brainstorm 100 ideas each day and execute only the best one.

This morning, I made my own rendition of a traditional Scottish seafood recipe for lunch. The classic dish features an oatmeal crusted salmon in ginger ale sauce. In my case, I used a fresh blue marlin straight from the wet market and made a lime butter sauce with shallots.

First, I mixed a cup of oatmeal with two table spoons of ground nutmeg, salt and pepper in a bowl. I used this oat mixture to coat the filleted blue marlin. Then I seared both sides of the fish in 2 tablespoons olive oil. After the oats show a nice brown color, I placed them in the oven for about 20 minutes. While baking, I cooked the shallots and added lime juice in the used olive oil. I blended them with melted butter. And viola, there’s the sauce.

The person I cooked this for told me she did not like oats, she did not like this and that, etc. I somehow got disappointed when there was not a hint of gratitude.

I then took some time to reflect.

Do I have the right to get disappointed?
No, I’ve disappointed God countless of times and yet His love never ceases. Likewise, if I were to show my love for others through these services, I cannot expect anything in return. Therefore, no expectation, no disappointment.

Why am I doing this service thing again?
I do these not for people to love me back, but rather because my Father loves me so much that it overflows and I should be sharing it.

Am I doing these things to be appreciated?
No, since love is given without a price, these services must be given when not appreciated. Although, “thank you’s” are highly welcome.:)

How should I serve then?
I realized that our service is in vain if we do not know the person we are serving. So if we serve God, we need to get to know God first. If we serve our families, we need to know them deeper as well. From there, we’ll know how to put smiles on their faces.

Thank you Lord for giving us wisdom even through the smallest cracks of life. :)

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