Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 1st David I Know - scene 3

As I was reading David’s story in Samuel’s duology, I was amazed at his patience. Imagine, he waited for fifteen years to become a king?! Fifteen years for a promise to be fulfilled. Fifteen long and tiring years. If I were in his shoes, I’d probably ask God “are You really sure You’re going to do this as promised?” countless of times until God probably gets tired of hearing it. Or maybe I’d try my own plan to ‘achieve’ the promise. I might even try get my men kill Saul, since it’s “self-defense” anyway. But no, David respected the anointed one prior to him. He waited for God’s timing. As he waited, his character was tested and built.

I think young professionals nowadays carry out their planners to have a systematic way of achieving their long term goals and yearly objectives. No time to wait, no time to waste. I’ve tried it, and a particular thought disturbed me. It allowed me to think that I can do everything my way in my time. Remember what James said in his book? He said although we can plan to have business, like for example next year, we do not really know what will happen then. We may opt to boast and brag about our plans (which is evil according to James), but if God wills for it to vanish, it will.

Anyway, back to the story. Did you know that before David became a king, he lived in the land of their enemies, the Philistines, to hide from Saul? He became a servant to their king. But when the time came that the Philistine troop marched their way towards Israel for a battle, God devised a way for David not to join. For if not, David might end up killing Saul and his countrymen himself. Saul died in the war by the way. And David was anointed as king soon after.

“And he became more and more powerful, because the LORD God Almighty was with him.” - 2 Samuel 5:10. He had truly been blessed. I guess, the looooong wait was all worth it.

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