Sunday, January 24, 2010

Neighborhood Carrot Cake: Simply the Best!

The next adventure I tried in the kitchen was an old recipe passed from one neighbor to another. This was then passed on to me by my official taste-tester. And according to him, he knows of only four people who has a copy of this particular recipe.. an infamous traditional healthy dessert/snack, the Carrot Cake.

My official taste-tester had been telling me about the Carrot Cake of his childhood, the best baked goody he has ever tasted. And wee!! I got the recipe last Friday. (Thanks to you who must not be named, lest you face death for leaking out trade secrets. Hehe.) I tried it, and wow, it’s definitely the best Carrot Cake I’ve ever tasted.

I never liked Carrot Cakes before, unless if I were turned to Bugs Bunny. But this Neighborhood Carrot Cake is just plain different. You won’t even get to taste the three cups of grated carrots put in it. It’s healthy, but tastes even better.

cupcake or cake?

The frosting on top adds a delectable touch with it’s cool taste and smooth texture. Next time, I’d put nuts and raisins on top. Or even mini heart candies for Valentines day.

Want to try? :)

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  1. I did the grating for my princess. I felt very fulfilled that day because I was able to help her and not just enjoy her baked goods. However, after my 'hard work' in grating she then told me that she could have just thrown the carrots into her food processor. Sense of fulfillment gone. At least I still got to taste her carrot cake even if I didn't help out much.