Thursday, January 14, 2010

Choco & Oats: Two of My Fave Things

When I was still working in Ortigas, I’d always go down from our building on lunch breaks to buy this little thing. It’s a mouth-watering, ooey-gooey chocolaty dessert that has loads of oats and (of course) chocolates in it, two of my favorite things in the world. And this never failed to complete my day. What’s weird about me was that I'd always feel guilty eating it (but it's all worth it). So what I’d do after savoring each and every bite was to walk up the stairs to the 10th floor of our building - my way of burning off the unwanted calories from this guilt-laden dessert.

My adventure for the day is to make my own Revel Bar. I know.. I know.. it's fattening. And while I was doing it palang, I felt guilty already. :P

So here are the ingredients. The dry basically includes flour, baking soda, oat, salt, walnuts and brown sugar. The wet ingredients include the butter, vanilla and eggs. For the ooey-gooeyness of the bar, it's comprised of butter, dark chocolate, vanilla and condensed milk.

After some strenous mixing (grabe, which I felt was enough exercise for the day), and melting, I laid it out on a 12" x 12" pan. I put 3/4 of the oat mixture at the bottom, then the chocolate mixture on top of it.

Finally, I dotted the pan with the left-over oat mixture and walnuts. This was how it looked before it was placed in the oven.

I baked it for 30 mins, 175 deg. celcius temp. See how cute, it's bubbling!

Here's the final product. Ta-da! :)

This is baked with much love for a friend who taught me how to make Crema De Fruta. She'll be coming over all the way from Rizal tom. I love you Ate Joan!

Till our next adventure! It's now time to exercise. :)

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