Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday is a day to Celebrate!

Today is a very special day, simply because it’s a Sunday! Not only is it a required day-off from work (which is already a YEHEY to us); it is also a day of celebration! A worship celebration to be exact.

A celebration usually happens only on special occasions, it connotes joy, get-togethers with family and friends, music and food. A worship celebration specifically, happens more often than any celebration we are accustomed to. It happens weekly and everyone’s invited! Apart from the joy that we get in ordinary celebrations, worship celebration also brings peace and hope. It’s an opportunity to unload stress, loneliness and worries, in order to gain encouragement, grace and love from our Father, the King of kings. Moreover, we still get to spend time with family and friends here, which is double the fun. And to triple the fun, there’s definitely food and music!

The term ‘worship’ comes from the words worth (self-explanatory) and ship (meaning quality). This means that when we worship God, we are saying He is worthy. We sing praises, speak of His majesty and pray to Him who is Holy because He is worthy. I assure you that this is not a boring activity. Actually, worshiping takes our minds off our own brokenness to a gracious Lord who catches us even if we fall. It continually molds us to be more and more like Him.

Although worship is a wonderful thing and God is pleased when we do this, it is not equal to having a personal relationship with Him. The personal relationship is available 24/7 (while worship celebration happens on Sundays only. But of course we can worship Him anytime of the week). You want to get to know my Father? Try reading the Book of Life. Today’s a good day to start.

Another opportunity to get to know Him is coming right up! Come watch FILIAL PIETY, a Chancel Repertory production this Friday (January 22, 2010), 7:30pm at Jubilee Evangelical Church. You and your family are invited. A usual theatrical play costs at least 300 pesos per person. But for you and your family, this is completely FREE. :)

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